Sumiko Celebration II and VPI JMW 10 original ?

We have a Dyna XX-2 that is amazing on some recordings, less than special on others. Bottom line - I find it a musical roller coaster ride, wife hates it. There is a pre-amp gain/cart-output mismatch that may be the culprit. We have a DV 20X2m backup cart in place. Wife loves it but I miss the detail. We're looking at the Sumiko. It has the right output (.5 mv), a musical presentation and positive reviews. Before I lay down $2500 - comments? Good? Bad?
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Why not try Lyra ?
Is very good match with the VPI arm,you can read the review on Delos or kleos but little more money.
Honeyooi -

I have read the reviews of the Delos. They are very good and I have considered it. The wife wants something that leans more smooth than detailed. I'm thinking the Sumiko can give us smooth (musical) with enough detail to be interesting. I just don't know for sure. What little information there is out there is very positive.
It sounds like its time for a two armed turntable.

I can certainly relate, as I was using a Sumiko Blackbird cartridge prior to the XX-2 that I'm currently running. Yes, the XX-2 is more powerful and revealing, and can make some recordings sound wonderful, but the Blackbird had its strengths too. It had nice detail, though not as much as the XX-2. I don't recall weaker recordings sounding as offensive with the Blackbird as they do with the XX-2 though. The Blackbird had just a hint of sweetness in the midrange that was very nice. I assume the Celebration II would have more of the same.

I would go for the Celebration II if I were you. If still missing detail, you could always have your arm wired with Nordost cable. In the end, no one cartridge will sound great on all recordings. Those that sound more detailed work well with great recordings, but make listening to lesser recordings more difficult. Meanwhile, those that sound a bit more laid back will sound great with lesser recordings, but leave you wanting more with better recordings. Obviously you don't want to cut your collection in half, so you need a two armed table. I know a guy who uses a four armed table.....pretty awesome. Maybe in my next life.

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Jmcgrogan -

I would love a two arm table but .... the Sumiko is a reach that may not even happen $$$. Agree with everything you said.
Dreadhead -

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Hi let us know , if you do get the celebration.And how it works out for you.I have a sumiko, mdc 800 waiting to go on a turntable, and this is a cartridge worth considering. Thanks