Sumiko Celebration Arming

Hello all. I recently stumbled across a used Sumiko Celebration - a cartridge I have not previously owned but about whose virtues and characteristics I have read with interest. Wondering of those who have owned a Celebration, which arms on which you have hung this cartridge. One which arms have you experienced the best synergy, all else equal? I'd like to identify an arm (VTA adjustment a MUST) to mate with this critter. SME, maybe?

Oh yeah, the question of budget will arise. Let's say no more than $1800 new/$100o used and not at all afraid to go $400 if that proves the best match (if ya catch my drift, in that regard).

Thanks in advance for all comments.
NO ONE cares to comment on this, eh?
I think Raul has said all that needs to be said on the clebration /sme combination.
Feel free to consider Raul the final arbiter on all things Celebration/SME, but my inquiry was not asking singularly about the SME by any means. I am more interested in the variety of arms used. I'm guessing there must be few with experience in this regard or few inclined to discuss their impressions in this forum.
Did not mean to insult just cross refrencing to Raul's comments which have been extensive. it was a suggestion as to maybe why no one had commented.
im using a celebration with the jmw9 on my scoutmaster and it's a terrific combination. vta adjustment is easy, although technically not on the fly.
No, no problems, but thanks. I did not take offense to your post.
Hey there, Spence. On the fly isn't particularly important, though nice. Glad to hear someone piping in, here!
I love mine on a Basis Vector. I don't have on the Fly VTA, but the dual bearing, uni-pivot in silicone really allows for serious fine tuning. In addition to VTA, VTF, super stable azimuth and antiskate, the amount of damping can really dial in all the above. It can be a tweakers dream, as well as a set and forget arm as well. I can't say enough positive things about everything from prat and involvement, to soundstaging (like larger than room size headphones).... I can't listen to cd's anymore as they just don't come anywhere close to the real music the Celebration/Basis combo provide me. Some carts can sound lifeless on the Basis TT, but not the Celebration/Vector! BIGGGG involement/enveloping sound here. I keep thinking about a backup, but this thing looks new after almost 800 hours use! If it lasts the Decade my Sumiko Talisman S lasted, I'd be VERY happy(still keep this around as a backup, and it may make a trip to VanDenHul for a Rebuild someday).
Thanks, Monk. The Vector is not an arm that I'd have considered for the Celebration, to be honest. That is not to say that it does not sound good. It must, or you would not say that it did! Nothing worse than someone who tells you that you're using the "wrong" arm when you know it sounds good. I went through an extremely detailed comparison some time ago between the Vector and a Graham 2.2 and went with the Graham (though with different cartridges). I do not have a Basis table and, IMHO, I think the Vector needs a Basis table to bring out its best. That said, I don't think the Graham would be my choice in this instance, either. Let's just say I'd have to hear it for myself on either of these arms before going in that direction.

One thing. It was the use of the Graham that really got me spoiled on adjustability of geometric parameters! Now that's an arm you can adjust VTA on the fly! :-)
I hear you on the Graham/Celebration not exactly being a good match 4yanx. As the energy the cart puts into the arm can be abit much. But add just a dabb more silicone to the Vector's bath, and that completely goes away! I mean like hand in glove, the tonalities, strengths and weaknesses of each really work well together (BasisTT + Vector + Celebration). The SME and Basis TT's do have certain similarities, thus the combo working well actually shouldn't have been a surprise. For me the Vector has been one of the best purchases I have made audiowise (eliminated all inner grove noise all together, and it's superstable bearings and rock solid azimuth adjustments really focus the soundstage, makes the images just "POP" out in a corporeal way, and one can really dial in the room/hall info). I have thought about the VTA mechanism AJ adds on the Vector, but have other priorities right now.
Yes, the Vector is a great arm. It is very stable and as Monk said it can be tuned far more than many people realize. I have not tried the Vector/Celebration combo but the compliance is close to the Benz Glider that I have tried on the Vector. I found that I liked the Glider better on the 2.2 and preferred a lower compliance on the Vector along with somewhat less dampening oil. The Vector is rock steady. I found the Vector and 2.2 to be very close but it really depends on what cartridge is being used.

I may still get a Model 3 someday.
What I'd really like to do is find is a Mission Mechanic and see what the Celebration sounds like on that arm. Just for kicks! :-)
Dear 4yanx: I try my Celebration not only in the SME tonearm but on the Mission Mechanic, Audiocraft and the Morech DP6. The Mission Mechanic is in some aspects similar to the SME one but it does not match very well with the Celebration. Other than the SME I like it mated with the DP6 but nothing that I already heard is near to the Celebration/SME combo.

Regards and enjoy the music.
I have access to an SME. Someone please send to me a Mechanic such that I can provide a second opinion (same or different) in this comparison. ;-)