Sumiko BPS Evo III vs Hana EL/EH

Hi All,
I currently have the Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo3. The Hana is a similar price and has some great reviews. Has anyone here been able to compare the two? I was wondering if it would be an upgrade or more of a lateral move?
I'll be upgrading from my roughly 20 year old Rega Planar 2 to a Mofi Studiodeck in the very near future and am giving some consideration to a cartridge upgrade too.
Thank you.

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Why do you want an MC ?

Sumiko is very dangerous with unprotected cantilever that is easy to bent, i would never buy any cartridge designed like that. You will have to ship your MC cartridge to retipper each time the stylus is worn (say every 600 hrs if you don’t have a proper stylus profile). A High Output MC is nonsense, a Moving Coil must be low output (less coil winding). 

You could find a better MM or MI cartridge with user replaceable stylus (with better profile and better cantilever).

And why do you think a MoFi turntable is an upgrade ? From one belt-drive to another ?

I didn't realize there was a Technics in my price range. I thought the $1800 one was their entry point, so I'll look into the less expensive one that was mentioned.

Technics SL1200GR is definitely not entry level compared to Rega and MoFi (they are entry level for sure but for very high price for a belt drive).

I'm pretty sure you can find a dealer of Technics. This turntable has bulletproof packaging and build like a tank, place online order from US dealers and you will get it quick.