Sumiko BPS Evo III vs Hana EL/EH

Hi All,
I currently have the Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo3. The Hana is a similar price and has some great reviews. Has anyone here been able to compare the two? I was wondering if it would be an upgrade or more of a lateral move?
I'll be upgrading from my roughly 20 year old Rega Planar 2 to a Mofi Studiodeck in the very near future and am giving some consideration to a cartridge upgrade too.
Thank you.

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Face a similar decision. I have a 2-year-old Pro-Ject 9.2 with the 9cc tonearm. It came with the BPS Evo III (low). Candidly, it is my first serious hi-fi so I'm not sure what I'm missing and if I can do better - and it does seem like the BPS is fussy when it comes to slightly poor pressings/dust....  I have been mulling a range of options from the Hana EL $475 to to Hana SL $750 to Clearaudio Concept $1000 

This goes into a Tavish Vintage phono, then to a Jolida 3502S integrated