Sumiko Blue Point Special vs. ? HOMC cart?

I bought a Sumiko BPS about 15 years ago, and for many reasons it got little use until this year when I finally got my system (and new wife) dialed in. :)
I have Maggie 1.6s/Rogue66 Magnum Pre/Moscode 300 and an upgraded SOTA Saphire/ET2 arm in a huge room. Current phono pre is a ProJect II.

The system really sings with most recordings, but I can shake the feeling that the sound is bright and edgy. I have an old Talisman Alchemist IIIS floating around here somewhere, but can anyone suggest a cartridge around $500 or less that might tame the brightness? Is there anyone who mods the BPS to improve it? Any ideas?
Classical/folk/celtic/classic rock/B'way and some sound tracks, BTW.

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My Sota loves a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S. For less money but 95% of the quality I'd pick a Goldring 1042 over the Sumiko any day.