Sumiko Blackbird Hi vs Lo

I have a Sumiko Blackbird HOMC cart approx 4 years old, with maybe 400 hours on it. It's been mounted to a stock Rega RP6 and mostly used with a Musical Surroundings Novo Phenomena phonostage.

Recently, I replaced my phonostage with a Manley Chinook with upgraded tubes.

I really like the Sumiko but I'm wondering if there would be any significant sonic benefit to trading in the HOMC Sumiko (2.5mV) for their LOMC version (0.7mV) to let the Chinook contribute more to the sound?

My musical tastes are all over the map and so are the condition of my LPs.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks for your advice! I think I might just stick with the current cart until I need something new.
I preferred the Bird over the Benz Glider.Both are pretty much considered great choices in the 1k level.
Currently using an AT ART 9, which in my system sounds even more realistic.
Wouldn't be surprised if the low output Bird has a slight edge over the HO.
If the Chinnok can handle .02mv, I would also consider the ART7, which can be found for a few bucks less than the Bird, along with possibly a more shosticated build.
I hear the fine detail of the Bird with an overall presentation that's more believable with the 9.
Also thought a SS rebuild with the ruby cantilever I had was nicer than stock. YMMV, naturally.
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In my opinion, a LOMC cartridge will always be better than a HOMC cartridge all else being equal and this is so because of the lower mass, hence greater trackability of the former. The tradeoff, of course, is the need for more gain, but you have that problem solved already with the Chinook. The only reason not to switch is the money it would cost to do so.