Sumiko Blackbird

Need some opinions plus some practical advice here. Does this cartridge seem to fit the bill of "last cartridge you'll ever need" for someone who's likely to remain on a "moderate" budget from here on out? Is there any type of music that it prefers? Now for the practical......could the Blackbird be used on a Music Hall MMF 5 until, say, money for a Scoutmaster or mid line Nottingham came around? Thanks...
I had nothing but bad luck with the Sumiko carts I had. I would steer you away from any Sumiko cartridge. They are not built to last. Lyra, Dynavector, Ortofon are names I would consider.

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I had not heard of problems such as described by Islandmandan. I trust his experience was valid, and would say that very well might disqualify the Sumiko from your "Last Cartridge" search. By the way, cartridges wear out and need to be replaced every few years. The "last one you'll ever need" is the one mounted on your tonearm when you die.

Also, IMHO, decide on the future table first. Then buy a cartridge, because it's hard to match a cartridge to an as yet unknown tonearm.

They're freaking awesome.

Quiet, detailed but never edgy, super tracking, smooth mids, tight bass.

Very hard to beat under $1K.

Course mine's for sale.
I have the Sumiko Celebration and it is an excellent cartridge. Not one problem with it in two years.
I had a Sumiko Celebration last 8years+ until this past Christmas... :(

I had a Sumiko Talisman S for almost a decade before that...(that still plays here, but should be sent to VDH for a rebuild.)

I have heard about problems with the BPS before, but not their SHO, or Blackbird, or Celebration...

Just my 2 decades of Sumiko cartridge use .(I now have a Lyra, but still miss the Celebration and think about trading in my now dead in the left channel Celebration, for the latest OguraP9 Gen2 Celebration)
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