Suitable tube preamp for pass labs x250

I'd like to get a tube preamp to use with pass labs x250 power amp. What are your recommendations? I'd like to get a nice, smooth and rich sound from Dynaudio S5.4... I listen to mostly acoustic music, jazz/free jazz with lots of dynamics and rock and roll with plenty of lo fi recordings...

Price bracket would be $4000-$6000
Thanks a lot!
Thanks guys!

One of my options was Cary SLP-05.
Then I had in mind CAT SL-1 Ultimate Mk I and was offered CJ ART... Anyone has any idea how they compare?
The CAT Ultimate mk1 is my brothers choice. Has only vynil and an an old tube tuner for source and no digital at all with early 70,s era klipsh speakers. VERY VERY SWEET. Another good option and in your price range. Can,t comment on CJ as I have not listened to any of there products. Cheers
Definitely go with a true balanced pre-amp. I ended up with a BAT VK3ix After my search for a pre to match my X150. I liked it better than Pass's own X2.5 pre.
When I had my Pass 250.5 I used it with a Thor TA-1000, absolutely superb match.