Suitable pre-phono for Benz cart

Dear All, once more a question.
I actually own a Rotel 970 pre phono, basic but good.
I understood that benz cart (from Glider and up)deserve better treatment not only in term of pre quality but also in terms of matchable settings (In the Rotel they cannot be adjusted).

What will be your guideline ??
Do you have in mind pre-phono names that will work fine with Benz range without being a bankrupt price ??
Once more, but obviously, it should be a listenable improvement versus the Rotel 970.
The Benz/Lukaschek (sp?) PP-1 is mentioned in another thread. It is a great match with the Benz line, with a list of about $1300 (I think). I listened to one via a Glider a few weeks ago and found it thoroughly enjoyable.
I used my Glider with a Black Cube and an Audiomat Phono-1...both worked great. The Black Cube has internal switches to change settings and the Audiomat adjusts itself automatically.
The Musical Surroundings Phonomena, the Lehmann Black Cube or the Camelot phono pre are all very good, flexable phono stages that won't break the bank. If they are still too expensive, matching a high output Benz with the Musical Fidelity X-LP is a good sounding, cheaper alternative and will still be a big step up from the Rotel.