Suitable external clock for Esoteric K-01 SACD/CD Player

HI All,
I have recently changed from excellent Sound Labs Majestic 545's to a pair of Martin Logan CLX ART with Decent i Sub, The improvement the Logans bring has made me wonder if an external clock for my Esoteric K-01 would improve sound again. Both the Sound Labs and Logan's are world class Speakers but in all honesty the Logan's are liking my system and room combination better than the Sound Labs.

I have read on here there are cheaper options than the Esoteric clocks, can anyone please help with some suitable clocks up to a budget of approx 2000 GBP.

I am very happy to buy used or ex-demo if anyone can help me out please.

Thanks everyone and sorry if this subject has already been covered many times.
You might be able to find a Mutec Ref 10 10mhz master clock in that range. It has 50ohm outputs for the esoteric.

Thank you for your suggestion,

I have found these 2 clocks 1 is 3000 GBP the other 500GBP

Do you think the extra money is worth paying please ?

I am hoping it isn't as i will be only using 1 of the BNC connections.

Thank you.
I own both of those and they do different things. The clock output on the MC3+ is a word clock and it can in turn take the 10MHz clock from the Ref 10 to improve the quality of that word clock output.

I use it with a DCS DAC which only accepts a word clock input so that requires the MC3+. Adding the Ref 10 in combination with the MC3+ was a significant improvement in low level detail and subtlety.

I believe the Esoteric has direct support for the 10MHz clock so you can use the Ref 10 directly without also having the MC3+ but I'm not sure if the Esoteric can also accept a word clock. If it can't then the MC3+ won't be useful by it self and you could only use the Ref 10.

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There’s a very good thread on this topic on the "What’s Best Forum".

With all due respect to the AG forums, the WBF forums have, IMHO, much more informed posters (with some AG poster exceptions) and generally concentrate on hi end or super hi end gear. Most systems on this site are five or six figure rigs (and a few sevens) with a lot of hands on experience.

With your gear, I would consider it the "goto" site for your questions.