Suggestions to replace Aurender A10 with something Roon compatible.

I was very pleased with the functionality, house sound, and Conductor app of my Aurender A10. However, I’m drinking the Roon Kool-aid. I have a Nucleus and a lifetime subscription to Roon. This is for my second system, a Benchmark LA4 and AHB2, driving Dynaudio Special 40. Considering individual DAC and streamer, and another combined unit (I have a NAS, so a server isn’t necessary). Innous Zenith MK III, Denafrips Terminator, Mytek Manhattan II with the streamer card, and even a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, are among some of my early considerations. Have top tier Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions. I appreciate a warmer sound and resell value is a consideration, albeit a lessor one. 

Have my eye on a dCS Bartök for my main system, and that won’t happen for awhile. My budget is under $7K, new or used. For a DAC, I’ve followed the Lampizator thread, and read here about Ayre, Lumin, Audio Mirror Tubadour Signature, MHDT Labs Orchid, and Holo Spring Level 3. The only other streamer on my radar is the Bricasti Model 5. 
I welcome suggestions. Thank you in advance. 
Bryston Bdp-2 or Bdp-3 is also worth a look as a streamer. Similar functionality as the M5. If you're using it as just a Roon endpoint, the two are essentially equivalent as long as the BDP-2 has the upgraded audio board. The BDP-2 is available used for around $1200. I've had one in my system for a year or so connected to my Yggy over AES. 
I moved on from an A10 to a Cary DMS 600. Does it all and sounds much better than the Aurender. Retails at 6990 but you can expect to pay 4900 or so. 
Super warm but yet detailed. Wonderful body and weight  I am running direct into Odyssey Kismet Monos with no pre. I always had to have a pre with the A10 to get decent sound.  If you want to run a pre it has what is called an Independent volume control which will allow you to adjust output to match your system
Roon ready , also has SD card reader for local files or you can attach a USB HDD. 
This really is a great player. I have had a yggy, Lumin T2, A10,Gold Note, full blown Oppo Modwright and the Cary is heads and tails above everything else.
29 lbs she is a beast.   The stock interface does not compare to the Conductor app but if you are using Roon that is a moot pt.
highly recommended for keeping it simple. I just added an EtherRegen and it kicked it up another notch. 
Highly recommended!! 
Thank you for your replies. Bryston an Cary are two brands with which I’ve had no exposure. However, I will research both.