Suggestions to replace amp for Proac 1SCs

Proac 1SC owners
Any help to replace CJ amp. Current system is CJ Premier 3/MV-52 & WTTT. Listen to mainly jazz and classical. Thanks
I'm using an ARC CA-50 integrated tube amp w/these speakers and get fabulous sound. The CA-50 uses 4 6550's and two 6922's; 45 watts total. I have been very curious about using SET amps, either mono's or stereo, w/these speakers too. I think they really sing w/tubes, so I'd stick w/another tube amp if I were you. Do you also use a sub? With my REL Storm III you can't tell these are not full range speakers, detailed, warm, punchy on jazz and acoustic, which is what I mainly listen to also.
I have successfully driven the 1sc's with a Pass Aleph 3 basic. The Pass is 30 watts per channel, class A architecture. I never ran out of power, and the Pass had a very smooth presentation, especially in the midrange. It is the most tube-like solid state amp I have heard, perhaps due to its class A design. It fits well with the 1sc's philosophically: very high build quality, top ranked sound (Stereophile Class A when it was still in production), least costly of a respected manufacturer's line, and small size. I know the Aleph 3 is out of production, but I have seen used units for sale from time to time on Audiogon and other auction sites. The design and build quality are virtually indestructable, so a used unit should last for many years and offers the virtue of having already been broken in. I don't have a recommendation for your preamp, but I would think a tube unit like the Audible Illusions 3a would work well. I agree with sc53 about the benefits of using a good sub with the 1sc's.
YBA Integre DT...if your not looking for separates
I own the 1sc's and in my room 12x15x9h they sound great with Sun Audio 300B, 47lab Gain card, VTL tiny triode and.