Suggestions regarding preamplifier choice

I’ve been in this hobby for many years using myriad different and mid to high end components and have been generally lucky putting together equipment that worked well together. For the last 40 years I’ve mostly used panel speakers from Magnepan, acoustat and many different Martin Logan models. Recently, though, I bought a pair of Von Schweikert VR4 gen 3 HSE speakers which I think may be the most competent speakers I’ve ever owned. I still think that’s true but I also, for the second time, have a pair of old ML CLS2’s that I use with a pair of Velodyne Mini Vees and really love the sound maybe, the more laid back but still transparent and detailed sound.  I’m still trying to decide which pair to keep in the system which brings me to my question. I currently mostly stream music or use CDs using an Angstrom 200 preamp which I keep coming back to year after year and a Mark Levinson #27 amp. With either set of speakers. This setup sounds quite good but my next step gets a bit involved. I want to replace the preamp based on advice from several local audio hobbyists and I’m looking for suggestions based primarily on the described amp and speaker choices. Two example suggestions that they have are: Prima Luna with the VS’s or Bryston with the CLS’s. I think I understand the reasoning but am open to and asking for suggestions that won’t be cost prohibitive. Thanks
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Well, I decided to try the Proceed PAV based on the good reviews I’ve read on the Internet. I’m glad I did because this is some of the most high resolution detailed sound Ive ever gotten from my various system setups. Having read that the controls are somewhat challenging to master is an understatement. The sound is very good but there are several issues that I’m having; I’ve not been able to mute the sound except by setting the master volume gain to zero or by selecting a mode or audio source that has no input connected. I can’t adjust the balance and there appears to be no output or control to the subwoofers from the sub out connection. I believe that these issues are related to not having the DSP unit which provides the ability to have surround capability. Because I’m currently using the Martin Logan CLS2 speakers I need the subs so I’ll use splitters from the stereo main outputs to drive the subs, at least temporally. If anyone has suggestions I’d sure be grateful hearing them. 
Get rid of your problems and buy the Bryston BP25da listed here now for $1025.  Detailed and quiet to the max, and your soundstage will expand dimensionally in all directions.  And it may even have some of the 20-year warranty left, not that you’ll need it.  If detail and resolution are what you’re after, you will not be disappointed — it’s the embodiment of “straight wire with gain.”
Thanks, soix but since I have now heard the Proceed I will probably buy another one and put this one in my garage system which is currently all tubes. That setup sounds very good but I’m sure addition of the PAV will be an improvement judging by what’s happened in my main system. Bryston was on my short list so I may end up doing that eventually. Depends on how my luck is with the new PAV.