suggestions--power cords

Running Conrad Johnson ET 250 S and ET 5 with Vandersteen Quatros--currently, Mccormick DP 2 for CDs---finding issues with getting sound I like---running my Kimber Palladian to the Pre--which seems to work great--but as for the 250 S----have tried numerous combinations---Shunyata Python, Cardas Golden Reference, ---focus is good, but sound and stage is muted. Ideas? Also, could use a good reference for power cord for Mccormack---another Kimber for the 250S? Any and all input from people with similar equipment very much appreciated.
I have found that for my CJ Gat and Premier 350 amp the audience Powerchords "e" an especially top of line Au24 are perfect for CJ. Audience increases speed space and dynamics. I tested quite a few power cables and my ears like the Audience cables.
i have auditioned and owned many power cords. i have reviewed my share as well.

i currently use mostly ear to ear. why ? great bass and slightly warm to neutral presentation. cords seem to project a balanced frequency response and have no obvious flaws.
Look up Sablon Audio Gran Carona pc's, I'm glad I did.
Try to have a listen to Ocellia was an eye opener for me.
Acoustic Zen have some really good, and relatively inexpensive options. I have been using them in my system for almost a month now.

I recommend the CH Acoustic X20 power cords, they're my reference.

The CH Acoustic X15 power cord is also known as the Running Springs top-of-the-line HZ Crown Jewel.

You can read my review of the X15 power cords that I started with before upgrading to the X20 power cords here:

I second Sablon's Gran Corona. FYI, it's 4awg.
Thanks Chuck,
I will look into these too. Good power cords do make a HUGE difference in a system.
Ghost, I wouldn't mind checking out the Acoustic Zen as well.
Nordost Valhalla PC's are top notch if you can swing them; also LessLoss Sig's are right on their tail, so to speak.

Valhalla is phenomenal Neal, but quite the price tag too. Anyone try Cardas' power cables? Thoughts?
I have found Mojo Audio's Enigma to sound phenomenal with my digital source (PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC and Transport). Definitely worth demo'ing with your McCormack. I also like Fusion Audio Enchanter on my power amp.
Have you tried LessLoss DFPC power cable?? This cable is incredable! On EVERY piece of equipment I've put this cable on I"ve seen a BIG improvement in sonics across the board! If you cannot afford to buy one new, ask em if you write them a review they will give you a price break on the cable. If you still can't afford em, wait til they come up used like I did. I bought one for $375 & its WORTH EVERY CENT of it!! I'm going to buy one every year til my whole system has them in it!!!
Stealth V10 Preamp cord wonderful,dynamic,quiet,great dynamic range a killer cord!!
My buddy and I tried several nice cables (JPS, Shunyata, Nordost, AudioQuest, etc.) and the LessLoss beat them all.
You might try these from Triode Wire Labs.
have tried the Golden Reference by Cardas----one of my least satisfying experiences---everything just simply sounded dumbed down---I am running Conrad Johnson ET 250 Power Amp-obviously, worse on my CJ Pre