Suggestions please: Upgrade from Krell KMA 160s

I would like help in finding an amplifier to drive Wilson WATT/Puppy 7's in a big room, with the following:
(1) Price under $8-10K
(2) Balanced inputs
(3) SS or Tube - doesn't matter
(4) Warm side of neutral - Krells too lean for me
(5) Soundstaging and musicality more important than Bass strength-
I'm looking at Classe (Dealer locally), Pass, BAT, Parasound Halo JC1 or any Tube amps that I'm not really familiar with but must have balanced inputs.
The Parasound would fit the bill but getting bad press for reliability/service/uniformity of production (in A'gon forums. Is Pass X350 really "lean"/thin side of neutral? They and Classe CAM 350s seem to get the best reviews........any Tube amps fit the bill?

I really appreciate any input/help.
Rest of system is Mark Levinson Ref 32 preamp, Esoteric DV-50, XLO Limited/Ridge Street Poiema!, Dominus interconnects
See if you can find a pair of the Wolcott 220's. Or if you want to stick with solid state check out the Electrocampaniet (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) they are a solid bargain and warmer than the old Krells.
I would also have a listen to the Electrococompaniet AW400 monoblocks.

I would personally look into the new Jeff Rowland Model 201's as well. 250 wpc into 8 Ohm, 500 wpc into 4 Ohm.

Pass Labs X350 would also be on my short list.

Good luck, should be a fun experience.
Springbok10, I'm not sure where you're reading about issues with JC-1s, as I haven't heard a peep except for a small handful having minor issues such as a front panel light or something. One look under the hood and you'd see what I mean...these things are built like the proverbial brick outhouse with great parts and a killer circuit and layout, which enable excellent performance... Richard Schram at Parasound runs a tight ship and demands the best... The manufacturer's warranty is ten years parts and five years labor, one of the longest in the industry, which should tell you these amps are intended to stay around quite a while... Failure rates in the industry range typically two to three percent, and this tends to be true no matter how much it costs...things happen and Parasound does the best they can to turn things around quickly to the customer's full satisfaction... Sorry if this is a plug but I bought my amps as a consumer and then became a dealer, putting my money where my mouth is...there may be something better but not less than well into five figures, in my opinion...

Brian Walsh
I'm glad to hear that. My source is A'gon Forum and Google search. I have absolutely no hard data, no friends/Audiophiles who own them and am relieved to stand corrected. Look at the Discussion forum under "Why so many Parasounds for Sale" and "Parasound Service". Certainly, on paper it looks to be the best buy, I would have to agree...........I think it is important to clarify that this is probably all conjecture on A'gon members' part - so I will happily retract this unless someone gives personal experiences to the contrary.
Thanks for the input so far, A'goners!
If I end up with the Wolcotts, and if they sound as good as the reviewer in says, I will owe you a good bottle of wine, as I never would have considered them.
Thank you!! I have to find a dealer though and it seems the closest to me is NJ or Va. So it may be that I buy a unit of this expense without listening first for the first time....
A'gon sure is a source of great information - since becoming an A'goner I bought a Totem Signature 1 and Jolida mod 502 (Underwood HiFi)- based on this Forum - and couldnt be happier with this little second system - source Naim 5 - in a small 12 X 12 foot room. Great, great combination. This has probably started my quest to go back to Tubes after 12 years with Krells.
I will look around for a used Wolcott 220 Presence or find a dealer to trade my Krells.
The Wolcotts are on a short list of amps I am seriously considering to replace my Krell FPB 200. I have never owned a tube amp so it would be a different experience for me. I like the Krell, but I think there are other things that might be fun to play with for a while. Who knows, I might run into one of those hidden gems.

I have a friend that had the Wolcotts for quite a while and was really happy with them. He traded them out for a pair of the huge VTL monoblocks, but still highly recommends the Wolcotts. I really think you would be very happy with this little know pair. Let me know how it turns out for you.
How are the Wolcotts with cone speakers? The reviews I have read have all been with electrostatics, like Lab Sounds A1.
Help!! A very honest Wolcott dealer told me he sold one set of P-220's to a Wilson owner (larger than 7) and it wasnt a good match. (I really respect this dealer's honesty) so am trying to get more input on Wolcott/WWP 7 combination.
Any other Tube amps with balanced inputs that can drive Wilson Watt Puppies in a really big room?
The bottle of great Cab that I threatened to give to Nrchy may have to go to someone else,:) although I really like what I read about Wolcott!
Any word/impressions on Atma-sphere?
Thanks again.
Have checked out the Electrocampaniet? They make a nice SS amp.
I am so far down to VTL-450, Atma-sphere and Wolcott but need someone to tell me how they sound with WATT/Puppies - I think I want Tubes but must have balnced inputs