Suggestions Please . . Picky Tuner

I just bought a Parasound t3 tuner to replace a 40 year old Fisher tuner.  The sound is improved but there is a curious problem:  I have it connected to an attic mounted antenna via coax and it pulls in distant FM stations (50-60 miles away) but struggles to bring in some local stations.  For those, there are static sounds and fading in and out.  I would think the opposite would occur — get the local stations but not the more distant, as it was with the Fisher.   Do you think the tuner needs to be cleaned or is there some other problem?   Otherwise, I really like the Parasound and just want to get the local stations clearly as well.  

It's a real pity, the US Military has dibs on the frequencies that DAB (digital audio broadcasting) need to work well with.

Radio in Australia has never sounded so good since we have gone to DAB+. I can say it's almost like CD but free of charge, and now we have hundreds of stations to choose from, where with FM it wasn't even half that.

  DAB uses a wide-bandwidth broadcast technology and typically spectra have been allocated for it in Band III (174–240 MHz) and L band (1.452–1.492 GHz), although the scheme allows for operation between 30 and 300 MHz. The US military has reserved L-Band in the USA only, blocking its use for other purposes in America, and the United States has reached an agreement with Canada to restrict L-Band DAB to terrestrial broadcast to avoid interference.

 Cheers George   
FM signals are directional.     Properly receiving them takes choosing the correct antenna and getting it oriented, for the desired station.                                                         info:                                               Omnis can work well, for receiving multiple stations, without rotating/reorienting.         Note what the Galen Carol article mentions about urban environments and multipath garbage (under 'Indoor FM Antennas').           It's possible that your new tuner doesn't have as good selectivity, as the Fisher (if your using the same antenna).
To clarify my last sentence: if you compared the intercity reception of the two tuners, with the same antenna setup/direction and the Fisher performed better, it’s selectivity must be superior.    And, to correct my Grammar, "(if YOU’RE using the same antenna)".
It could be you have too much antenna gain? Put a 10db pad on the antenna and see what happens. 
Thanks for the suggestions.  I will read up at the links you posted to try to educate myself.

The antenna I have is a Magnum Dynalab ST-2, which is supposed to be pretty good.  I think I will first try another location in my attic to mount it and see if that helps.  I would mount it outdoors, but I had a bad experience with lightening years ago and want to avoid that happening again.

Russ, I’m not sure what a 10db pad is or where I can get one.  Can you steer me?
@rodman99999, I couldn’t find selectivity data for the Fisher fm 660, but the fm selectivity for the Parasound is 80 db, which is described as very good.