suggestions please

Hi- I want to upgrade my speakers. I'm currently using a pair of Allison 7s. I'm running computer (JRiver) through a Peachtree Nova (80watts/channel I think). The room is large, about 20*25 with 12' ceilings (vaulted). I have about $1500 to spend. I've listened to Paradigm Monitor7s and liked them but I'd appreciate any other suggestions.
No offence to Paradigm, but they'll sound defective next to a pair of Vandersteen Model 2's. If you can't go $2000 new, you should be able to get a very good used pair. You can even go with a Sig 1. Your current amp will work OK. Eventually, you may want to get something a little more powerful. Your room size is fine. I've had the 1's and 2's in a room the exact same size. The ceiling was 10' but not vaulted.
Your Nova is about 60 wpc.@8 Ohms(80 wpc.@ 6 ohms)& has a voice that leans VERY slightly toward warmth in factory form.
How loud do you listen most of the time,what type of music do you generally listen to,what type of sound do you like(warm/organic,cool/highly detailed etc..)& is your room hard(wood floors-lots of glass etc..)soft(carpeted-big soft furniture etc..)or something in between?All of these factors will determine what will sound best with the Nova.
Paradigms are generally easy to drive but can sound VERY bright in hard rooms,just as Vandersteens are voiced warm so in soft rooms usually sound veiled & fat.
I'd talk to Fritz at FRitzspeakers. His Carbon 7s are excellent, but are slightly high for you, but I'm betting he'd have something. I think that would be my first choice new, though you'd have to ask fritz about room size.

Many choices used, of course. I'd also think seriously of a kit, which needn't be too difficult (fun in fact) and can be excellent bang for buck.. Selah and Northcreek are both places that would work with you on that, as would Madisound.

I heard the Von Schweikert VR22 at RMAF this year and ended up purchasing a pair as a graduation gift. These are overachievers, competitive well beyond their $2850 a pair price (factory direct including shipping) with a 90 day in home trial.
If you liked the Paradigms, you might also like NHT Fours.
Everyone is raving about the Tekton M-Lores and the Gallo Classico CL-3, these should be on your short list of speakers to audition. The Tektons are very efficient, they will play *very* loud with that amp...

And both of these speakers are in a class above the Paradigms. No offense to Paradigm, but them's the facts...

"Paradigms are generally easy to drive but can sound VERY bright in hard rooms,just as Vandersteens are voiced warm so in soft rooms usually sound veiled & fat."

Right about the Paradigm, wrong about the Vandersteen. The only way you can come up with that description of the Vandersteen's is if you either really mess up when you do the equipment matching and setup, read old magazine reviews (the reviewers usually screw up, as well) or just repeat common opinions that people generally hold to be true because of the first 2 reasons I just mentioned. I guess you could also prefer, or be used to listening to really bright equipment as well.

Actually, its far easier to have a situation where Vandersteen's can sound bright or harsh. Setup is everything with them.