Suggestions Please

I have always owned high end speakers and amps. However, I have always used my home theater AV Receiver as the pre amp. Recently I purchased an Audio Research Pre Amp and Audio Research CD player and opened my eyes to a taste of true listening pleasure.

However, gone is the days of day of bass and treable control and I am now seeing that not all recordings are created equal. Albums I loved like "Rush Signals" has no bass what so ever, and Pink Floyd "The Wall" blows me away. I was trying to figure out where my bass has gone and on Holloween, I put in one of those spooky CD's and cranked it up. The constant heart beat was clear and solid bass that blew me away. Once again leading me to re-evaluate my music collection...

So, I am on a quest to buy some new music and I am looking for suggestions in Jazz, Rock, and New Age. Dynamic bass is where my taste is, so any suggestions would make my day...I do like acoustic stuff as well...
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Just throwing this out there, but in looking at your system pictures, is this how you have the system setup, or just pictures taken to show the speakers ? Dont see how having the speakers out in the room and a couch behind the speakers is helping the sound.

Of course not every member has the ideal room to listen in, but have you thought about adding a area rug for the hard wood floors that you have ? Maple platforms for the speakers ? Maybe even some acoustical wall treatments might help in the bass issues you are having.
Holly Cole has tons of bass, mainly acoustic. Vocal jazz...
Unfortunately, this is my room. Vaulted ceiling and couch just kill the bass. But once again, I should point out that several albums sound great which leads one to believe that both the room and the set up are capable of producing the bass. With my AV receiver, it had plenty, but the bass turned all the way up tends to help...

Thanks for the suggestions on the albums...
Jennifer Warnes "The Hunter".
Eels "Beautiful Freak" "Daisies of The Galaxy".
Peter Gabriel "Last Temptation" (Soundtrack).

I'll post more later
Good Luck

Add a subwoofer to your system!!
For good rock that is recorded rather nicely pick up anything by Tool.
I am fond of Lateralus, but seriously anything by Tool is going to sound good.

Have fun...
Think for yourself, question authority.
Waterloo Lily - Caravan
Beyond the Missouri Sky - Charlie Haden/Pat Methany
Stationary Traveler - Camel
The Planets - Dutiot/Montreal Symphony (Penguin Classics)

"Mix Up" - Patrick O'Hearn
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" - Elton John
"Tommy" - The Who
"Moving Waves" - Focus
Also "Still Life" by Van Der Graaf Generator
Try "Time Will Tell" by Dom Minasi. It is jazz and the featured instrument is the cello. Very good bass,will test you woofers for sure. Look on Amazon,it's like under a dollar used.
Give some of these a try:
Larry Carlton - "Deep Into It"
Paul Brown - "The City"
Joshua Redman - "Momentum"

Any of the Steely Dan releases (Classic or new)
Wilco - "Sky Blue Sky"

New Age:
Sorry, can't help out here.

Nils Lofgren - "Acoustic Live"
Dave Matthews - "Live At Luther College" & "Live At Radio City"

Give 'em a try and let me know what you think.

Check out how your system handles chamber music miked both up close and from a distance in a large ambient sounding music hall. This will reveal spatial relationships that are really fun to hear on a great system, but will have the often frustrating effect of causing a case of 'upgraditis'.

Another nice rock recording with lots of good predominant bass is Drama by Yes (remasered CD with bonus tracks, Chris Squire, bass).
If you get a decent sub, EVERYTHING will sound better - you can always pick up all kinds of music later. Since you like dynamic bass, a good sub-woofer is a no-brainer before new music, IMHO.....
Thank you all for some of the suggestions. I added several of these to my holiday wish list...
One more:

A lot of Jim Capaldi's solo work post-Traffic is exceptional. This was an extremely talented little known, and much under appreciated solo artist.

"Electric Nights" is one of my all time favorites. The second side of this album is beautifully recorded, pop/rock perfection IMHO, if you can find it.
New age:
Kiko Matsui or Patrick O'hearns' Indigo or Metaphor

Fourplay...I like their older stuff better

I think you may like Dire Straits " On every Street"
Or try the Cowboy Junkies "Cresent Moon"