Suggestions? Planar like Dynamic speaker under 2K

Any dynamic speakers I should consider used under 2K that give me planar attributes without its limitations?
Currently own Eminent Technology 8A Planar/Hybrid speakers Probably the best I have owned in terms of detail, purity neutrality and sound stage. These don't have the dynamic punch on the mids and the woofers can't handle heavy HT movies. Had Von Schweikert Vr-4jr didn't integrate into my room and Newform research - Same deal.
VMPS 626R's with megawoofers, soundcoat, fst tweeter, and auricaps (mids and tweeters are ribbon drivers). Combine it with VMPS sub that is adjustable to your room (the larger or 215 w/ woofer upgrade). The combination is dynamic, see through clear, detailed, great soundstage, and just plain beautiful to listen to. Make most speakers sound as though they're playing with a pillow in front of the drivers. All of it new through a dealer would be about $3000.00 but you can find them on Agon on occasion--they don't last long on the listings however.
Magnepan 1.7's
My understanding is that the mid driver on VMPS was originally designed by Bruce at Eminent technology though I may be wrong. So I wonder if the mids are that much more dynamic they have much smaller surface area than ETs
Haven't heard Maggies in a while but wouldn't that put me in the same direction. I thought planars in general were not that dynamic macro wise.
Looking for a dynamic speaker that gives me great soundstaging , good detail, and imaging and full range. Floor standing without a subwoofer. I want dynamic punch that I hear from dynamic speakers. Thanks for the help.
I'd suggest you look at Vandersteens. A new a pair of 2Ci would be a little over budget, but used, you should be able to find a pair, maybe with room for a matching sub ...if you still need more punch.

The VMPS ribbons used in multiples are very dynamic and play quite loud in my 14' x 30' room. I have the RM2's and recommend them highly. Of course there are other models with even more midrange drivers. The RM2 has a very good 12" woofer that goes quite low and delivers robust articulate bass without any real need for a subwoofer.
Planars are dynamic speakers.
With that said, perhaps Mirage M 1's?
Vandersteen is nothing like whats being desired here. I own VMPS FF3SRE speakers and my father owns Vadersteen signature woodQuatro models. The 2 are in different planets, trust me.
Just because Vandy is a great speaker I often champion its not helping the O.P. In this case.
You may want to consider upgrading the LFT-8A to "B" status; the change is to the tweeter, but the entire speaker sounds influenced by the improvement.

Read my review of this change to the LFT-8 at

You will not do much better than the LFT-8B at the $2K price point.

Then, pay careful attention to cabling and you will have given yourself a sizable upgrade without breaking the bank.

Having owned Vandy 1b and 2ce I would warn you not to go that route; if you love the LFT-8 sound you likely would not be impressed by the Vandy sound.
Have you considered ProAc? Many people feel they have electrostatic clarity with excellent dynamics.
Perhaps used Emerald Physics CS2?

I had the Emerald Physics CS-2s and could never get the high end to sound remotely alive--clean but no live factor at all--and that was with the upgraded crossover. The listed efficiency is only for the speakers--with the crossover connected, the efficiency is less than 89 db. And you must have the crossover to work the speakers. Not very honest advertising in my book. The VMPS 626Rs with the upgrades I mentioned were bought at the same time I had the EP-2s. The midrange drivers are reworked by Brian Cheney and apparently when put in a box, are very lively and dynamic. With the 40 ou. megawoofers, they are the best speakers I've heard in my house or the showroom, especially good with a VMPS sub--more bloom in the mids along with much deeper bass and even more dynamic capability. A friend with his son who is inches away from becoming a professional bass player (he's won several area contests and plays many genres of music) had the time of their lives listening to the VMPS combo and came back another day with an offer to buy it all. The combo is truly what you're looking for. You're wish list sounded just like mine. The clarity and dynamics of the entire speaker will just amaze you and won't change. Your upgrade itis will be gone at least on the speaker end.
Energy Veritas 2.3i or 2.4i.
Energy? Come on lol
They have about as much in common with Planar sound as a cd compared to vinyl.
The Zu Audio Omen might fill the bill for you. No crossover, so they are incredibly fast, revealing and involving...with fantastic timing and coherence. Full-range speakers that need barely any power to shine, love tubes, and if you can find some used Zu Omen Defs...even better!

Just a thought.
Chadnliz: Though my suggestion was not a joke, I am happy it provided a laugh for you! The dispersion characteristics of the Veritas dome midrange provide for excellent imaging and a broader soundstage than most comparable dynamic speakers I've heard. They do not lack for dynamic HT range, either.
Duke Lejeune of Audiokinesis is working on one to add to his well regarded more expensive offerings. His designs are dynamic and easy to drive. He's a gentleman who won't plug his own line...but I can. You might email Duke before buying anything else, to get more info and see how close he is to releasing his sub-$2000 design publicly.
Just having some fun but seriously VMPS is a way to go!
Not meaning to offend, but I couldn't disagree more with you Chandnliz! As a long standing 'stat & planar owner/fanatic - I currently have models from Quad,Acoustat,Sound Lab,Crown(RTR),KLH(Janzen)& Martin Logan , I find the sound qualities of Vendersteens to draw me more than most other dynamic speakers. Of multiple driver dynamic designs I've heard, only my KEF 107/2s sound more coherent to me. I think the care that is put into the cross-over, and the time alignment of the drivers has a lot more to do with the similarity of sound, than whether or not the speaker happens to use a planar driver. I'm particularly drawn towards the most coherent sounding designs, I am also a fan of Ohm Walsh speakers, I suspect for the same reasons.
Having both Innersound Eros stats and VMPS hybrid planars at my house and Vandersteen Signature Quatros at my fathers 12 miles away my day to day extensive experience shows me they are nothing alike.
A 3 min search of my posts will shiw how much I respect and champion Vandersteen but in this case its just not IMO useful.
I suppose it boils down to what aspects of planar speakers one is trying to replicate, and wich is most important to the listener. To my ears, the smoothness & coherence of sound through wide frequency range is what I treasure above most... and this is a trait I hear in Vandersteens as well as most panels. For me, being able to detect cross-over points, is the most annoying aspect of too many "box" speakers.