Suggestions on XLR cable around 400.00

I am purchasing a new preamp and need to get a new XLR cable as I need a different length. I have not auditioned cables in quite some time and am looking for some suggestions on some cables to consider. I have a Pass 250.5 and am getting an ARC REF3 preamp. I am looking for a used 1 meter XLR Cable. I would like to stay around 400.00 or under. I am using Ascendo C8 Renaissance speakers.
with the same amp I was happy with Discovery Essence, Transparent Super MM2 and Cerious Nano
Have you though about trying these

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Try the 'Ultimate Silver Dream' by Artisan Silver Cables -

I've tried them against Valhallas & they are just as good, if not better.
Antipodes Komoko would do very nicely. Very hard to beat this cable.
I've been using Acoustic Zen Silver Reference for many years and find them to be a very good all around interconnect.  They nicely balance detail and tonality resulting in a very musical and natural presentation.  They also image and soundstage very well.  Might be just a little above your budget used, but given the level of your equipment I think it would be well worth the incremental investment in the long run.  Best of luck. 

Thanks for the suggestions. I found a Audioquest Sky at a good price and am going to give that a try.
I like Harmonic Technology and Acoustic Zen with Pass. There's a 1 meter pair of Harmonic Technology Pro Silway II available for $175 in XLRs. When new these retailed for $550.

now I will 'fess up- the $175 cables is an extra set I am selling-