Suggestions on upgrading from a Kimber Kable D-60 digital coax.

The D-60 runs between an Aurender N100C (the latest N100 with digital coax) and a Schiit Audio Gumby.  I am looking for a cable with warmth and detail.  My favorite IC's are Purist Audio (between the Gumby and my Rogue Cronus Magnum and between my phone pre and the amp).  Price range is $400-$500.
Try a Cerious Tech Digital Graphene Extreme $199.99 it killed my Kimber D-60.
Not sure if Purist does.  I may check out the Cable Company and their cable library to compare and contract.  Thanks jond on the CT digital Graphene Extreme.  I'd hadn't heard of them, but I've been reading up on the product and it sounds promising.  Thanks,
Steve Nugent’s (Empirical Audio) new reference S/PDIF cable is quite good. Equals all I’ve previously used, including a few at 4x its $495 price.