suggestions on under 300 interconnect and speaker cable ?

I have Arcam Diva CD72, Audio Refinement complete integrated amp and Spendor SP 7/1 speakers. I need your input in what would be best matched interconnect and speaker cables under $300 separately.
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take a look at the phoenix gold /carver pro cables on our showrom on audiogon ....
I have the ARC amp and am using Harmonic Tech Interconnects from my Micromega dac to the amp and MIT Terminator 4 or 5(forget the exact model#) speaker cables. If you get the Precision Link ic and a lower priced MIT speaker cable, you should be able to come in under $300.
used straightwire serenade.i use it with 30k speakers. it sounds great.
TG Audio. sells a 1m all silver IC that smokes most anything under $1k. not a lot of press, as they don't advertise in Stereophile.

doesn't change the fact that TGs ICs are amongst the best bargains in cabling, not to mention being damn good. think you can get them at