Suggestions on turntable to pair with Rogue RP-7 > Finale 300B SET monos > Heresy 3's

So I've been kind of an asshole when it comes to vinyl, thinking it is too much hassle and the like.  Lots of my friends have turntables but they have more patience than I do typically. I have a few terabytes of FLAC files and I'm perfectly happy running music into my system via a Benchmark DAC3 right now. This said, I was just gifted a decent record collection from my former boss, who passed away recently.  His final wife called (he was on his 3rd), and said he wanted me to have all his LP's.  I did not expect this, and I'm actually thinking of adding a turntable. The hardware is going to his daughter, so I don't get any options on that unless she says she doesn't want it. I don't really want to ask for more than I've been granted as I'm not THAT much of an asshole. 

I'm thinking of relocating my setup to another room in the house, but it doesn't mention anything about phono in the RP-7 manual.  I'm guessing I'll have to add a phono preamp, but have no experience with this so I'm hoping people have some good ideas to offer. I can probably swing a couple K towards all this, but I'm also willing to save for decent hardware. 

Thanks in advance.

I was thinking it might belong there as well.  I guess I truly am an asshole, shitting up the order. 
Yeah yeah .. clarity, lack of surface noise,... all that... vinyl on a decent rig offers something different. I guess I’m different as I appreciate both for very different reasons. You sound like a man of means. But don’t drop $5k if your not sure. You can find a great nearly new or even good vintage TT for  $500 and a phono preamp for the same get great that wonderful analogue experience that, while not hi resolution, does something a digital only system simply can’t. And if you don’t fancy it give it to the goodwill. It’s worth the experiment in differences between the two. 

I wholly agree greed with other response encouraging you not dropping $5k if you’re not sure, regardless the the funds available. Consider it an aural experiment 
Lenco L75, L78 are great turntable.
But they need some upgrades: heavy plinth and better tonearm.
The Technics SL1200G is a good machine- you can spend a lot more and not get as good.
You're going to have to have a phono section too. A good phono section will have less surface noise (with actually wider bandwidth) than a bad one. Most people don't realize it but a lot of ticks and pops originate with the phono section and not the LP surface.
A low output moving coil cartridge will have more bandwidth- but you need more gain. What you will find with cartridges in general is the ability of the tone arm to properly track the cartridge is far more important than the actual cartridge you get! Setup is probably the biggest downfall of vinyl, but if done properly the result makes it hard to go back to digital.