Suggestions on turntable to pair with Rogue RP-7 > Finale 300B SET monos > Heresy 3's

So I've been kind of an asshole when it comes to vinyl, thinking it is too much hassle and the like.  Lots of my friends have turntables but they have more patience than I do typically. I have a few terabytes of FLAC files and I'm perfectly happy running music into my system via a Benchmark DAC3 right now. This said, I was just gifted a decent record collection from my former boss, who passed away recently.  His final wife called (he was on his 3rd), and said he wanted me to have all his LP's.  I did not expect this, and I'm actually thinking of adding a turntable. The hardware is going to his daughter, so I don't get any options on that unless she says she doesn't want it. I don't really want to ask for more than I've been granted as I'm not THAT much of an asshole. 

I'm thinking of relocating my setup to another room in the house, but it doesn't mention anything about phono in the RP-7 manual.  I'm guessing I'll have to add a phono preamp, but have no experience with this so I'm hoping people have some good ideas to offer. I can probably swing a couple K towards all this, but I'm also willing to save for decent hardware. 

Thanks in advance.

There are a ton of good tables and cartridges out there.  You will need a separate phono stage as the RP7 does not have one.  

This is really broad.  You could spend $2K in line with your DAC or you could spend $20K.  What would a realistic budget look like?  What is your goal in terms of sound quality?  Do you want to match the DAC?
I should have been more clear.  My apologies.

I'd probably like to match the DAC I have now, as I do like my systems sound overall currently.  I could probably spend 5-6K if I could get to that level if that's what it took. 

Why spend lots of money? When I wanted to add a NEW TT and cartridge to my collection of vintage TT's I chose the Pioneer PLX1000 ($700) and the Denon 103R mc cartridge ($300). For the cost of $1K this is an outstanding bargain! I already have several SUT's and preamps with phonostages, so no problem there. You of course will need a phonostage, particulary one with the gain (60db) capable of handling the low output of the typical mc cartridge. Which I recommend over any moving magnet/iron cartridge. Project and Bellari offer some fine affordable choices for phonostages!
Spending $5-6K is IMO an extravagant waste of money! Excellent and very enjoyable LP playback can be had for considerably less these days! See my post above! Advice I wish I had in the past! 
The Pioneer PLX1000/Denon103R is sonically competitive with any four-figure TT/cartridge combination! And if you'd like to spend a little more: Hana LE mc cartridge is $500. This would be a step up from the Denon 103R.
Analog and digital playback are two completely different paradigms! People that say their digital system sounds so "analog-like" make me laugh! Nothing can be further from the truth! So don't be concerned with matching your digital playback. Just get a good affordable TT/cartridge/phonostage and enjoy LPs for what they are - an older technology that did the best it could for its time, now past!
This July 4th, I dedicated the entire day to vinyl (I usually never play vinyl). Good Lord, what a pain in the butt! Cleaning, lowering the arm to play the record (Am I going to scratch it??? Oh No!!!), getting a whole twenty minutes of music before having to get up and do it again. How did I manage this in my youth when I used to get wasted? No, the "improved sound" of vinyl is not worth the aggravation. 
This is why I'm asking.  I appreciate the insights.  The last time I had a "record player" was in 9th grade and it was a POS Emerson that probably cost 40 bucks at the time. That is the extent of my experience. Of course I'd rather blow 1K than 5...
I am 65, retired from the audio business, very much still involved in audio, music listening, and the associated equipment. Three years ago, I sold my record collection of 6000 lps, my 2 high end vinyl playback systems, and went through a time of mourning. Mostly from giving up much music in my collection. Admittedly, vinyl sounds wonderful. There are many differences in vinyl playback gear, and I would not have been happy with a Pioneer PL 1000, not because it is a bad table, as it is good, but I had better, much better. The problem I had, it took me 4-5 minutes to get the record, remove the lid off the table, remove the record from it’s sleeve, clean the record, place it on the platter, clamp the record on the platter ( yes, I believe in clamping ), turn the table on, lower the arm / cartridge on the lp, and go flying to my listening seat. Not to mention getting the volume correct, for that particular recording, and my listening level mood.With all of that being done, I could not stand hearing the noise, rumble, clicks and pops, of the stylus, riding in the grooves, and it was simply inherent in the lp playing process. The higher definition a system is, the greater you hear all of this, as well as superior musical playback. And believe me, it was not my playback equipment. I just found myself listening less and less to vinyl. I would never suggest to anyone not to get into vinyl, as it still is a wonderful music playback medium, but, I wanted to give you another side to it. This, btw, was much more apparent on music that had many low passages of music. Good luck with your endeavors. Enjoy ! MrD.
Another thing. This post might have been more beneficial if it was on the analog thread ( more opinions given on lp playback gear ), and, I have used words, such as asshole, in some of my posts here, and my posts were deleted by Agon.
I was thinking it might belong there as well.  I guess I truly am an asshole, shitting up the order. 
Yeah yeah .. clarity, lack of surface noise,... all that... vinyl on a decent rig offers something different. I guess I’m different as I appreciate both for very different reasons. You sound like a man of means. But don’t drop $5k if your not sure. You can find a great nearly new or even good vintage TT for  $500 and a phono preamp for the same get great that wonderful analogue experience that, while not hi resolution, does something a digital only system simply can’t. And if you don’t fancy it give it to the goodwill. It’s worth the experiment in differences between the two. 

I wholly agree greed with other response encouraging you not dropping $5k if you’re not sure, regardless the the funds available. Consider it an aural experiment 
Lenco L75, L78 are great turntable.
But they need some upgrades: heavy plinth and better tonearm.
The Technics SL1200G is a good machine- you can spend a lot more and not get as good.
You're going to have to have a phono section too. A good phono section will have less surface noise (with actually wider bandwidth) than a bad one. Most people don't realize it but a lot of ticks and pops originate with the phono section and not the LP surface.
A low output moving coil cartridge will have more bandwidth- but you need more gain. What you will find with cartridges in general is the ability of the tone arm to properly track the cartridge is far more important than the actual cartridge you get! Setup is probably the biggest downfall of vinyl, but if done properly the result makes it hard to go back to digital.