Suggestions on Tube Pre-amp. Please

I looking for a used Tube Pre-amp 1000-1500.00.It will be matches with a Aragon 8008bb Amp pushing Tyler Ref.Monitors.
I have read a few review that describe the aragon sound as tad warm and darker. Sould I be looking for a Pre that is more detailed than tube like.
Models that I have concidered. Rouge Audio 66
Audible Illusions 3a

I have never heard them, but the Rogue preamps have a very good reputation. I have heard the Rogue 88 amp, and it offers great sound, I would expect the same from the preamps.
Kim, we have similar systems - I also have the Tyler monitors but they are powered by a Bryston 4B-ST. I really like my Rogue 66 and when I get the funds and the time will be sending it into Rogue for the "Magnum" upgrade.

Good luck in your search as the three you have listed are great products!
There is a Canadian company, Space-Tech-Lab, that sells direct. They are GIANT killers in my opinion. They are point to point wired and they can build to suit your needs.
Outstanding value and priced right. Call Albert he is the designer and builder of these tube amps. They also offer a 30 day in home trial.
I also agree that you should give a Rogue 66 a listen. There is one for sale right now on audiogon (centurymantra member). I used a Rogue 66 for about a year and loved it and then decided to move up to the Rogue 99. The Rogue customer service is outstanding which is another reason I recommend a Rogue pre. Good luck in your search and let us know what you decide on!
I have the Rogue 66 Magnum and I'm very pleased with it.
If you buy a new one, you will probably want to replace the stock tubes but other than that it's, imho, one of the better values in audio.
And yes, customer service is some of the best I've encountered.
Sonic Frontiers line 1 should work well. The Sonic Frontiers preamps are some of the least tubelike tube preamps.
Hey everyone thanks for the info. I have e-mailed the person here on Audiogon that has the Rogue 66 for sale for 825.00. Unit looks in good condition. Still waiting on a response from the owner. If I purchase this unit can I still have it upgraded to the Magnum?

Jim (sorry missed the "J" key the 1st time) - you can send it into Rogue and for $250 (+ freight both ways) you can get it upgraded. Check out the Rogue site to confirm price and details of the upgrade.
Good to hear that you plan on going with the Rogue 66! If you decide to upgrade the Rogue to a Magnum, all you have to do is call them first and then send the unit to Rogue. I upgraded my Rogue 99 to the Magnum and feel like it was a VERY worthwhile upgrade. Good luck and keep us posted.
Oh Well. Just heard from owner of the Rogue he already has a buyer. Iam sure another will come along. If anyone knows where I can find one used on the net let me know.

A used Kora Eclipse betters anything mentioned here so far. It offers fabulous resolution, holographic imaging & well defined soundstage; smooth extended highs. deep tuneful lows and mids that are as palpable as anything I've ever heard.

Like all Kora gear it also has an intangible quality -- an ability to bring the essence of the music to life.
I second the Kora Eclipsh. I also thinks it great. I put nos 1967 semmins gold pin tubes in it and dont think it can be beat at its price point IMHO.
Hey Gang
The Kora looks very interesting I will have to do some more research on this model.
I have another question. There is a Rogue 66 for sale now for 600.00 no remote or mangum upgrade. What if I purchased that unit and liked it could I send it back to Rogue Audio for the remote and Mangum upgrade. If it doesn't work I could just sell it or should I just purchase one new. I don't think Rogue Audio offers a 30 Trial period.

You could send it to Rogue for the Magnum upgrade, but I'm not sure if they can covert it from a phono version to a line stage remote version. I think the 66 is either a remote line stage or with a phono board because of the lack of space inside. You can contact Rogue at: (570)992.9901.