Suggestions on SS/Mono Amps for woofer towers

Looking for suggestions on (inexpensive)the best bang for the buck.. ss/mono amps to drive my 4 ohm Infinity RS1B woofer towers..
Someone has suggested ATI 1502's as the best bang for the buck?? Plenty of clean tight power.

What do you think??
If you really want the best bang best sound?

You must buy the Crown K2 Dampingfactor <3000 yes!
2x 500w 8 ohm
2x 850w 4 ohm
2x 1250w 2 ohm (still very stable on 2 ohm)

Buils like a beast (solid state at his best)

Price: 1399 dollars us

I use this amp on the Beta Bass towers (no problemo)

A friend of mine sold his KMA 200 monoblocks by Krell
because this K2 has a much better punch and sound.

But! on the high mid's this is not the best pick.

Let me know what you gonna do

Parasound JC-1 ss monos
Easy........Parasound 2200II...Can be had used for $5-700. Drives them like a champ!......Nicholas
How about the SAR labs MOS400 - great sounding a lot of bang for the buck
There was a similar thread that asked the same question. The RS1B owner actually wound up with an old Perreaux amp, vintage 1980s....It supposedly gave slamm that nothing else ever could. I forgot the model. The thread is this past month's. Look for it.

PS: the amp seem to come up used very rarely...for its age and also because it seems to be in very high demand.
Perreaux 5150...was the stated model.
thanx for everyone's input on he amps...I have a friend who is going to lend me his ATI 1502's which I will run in mono.

They will put out a wopping 800w at 4ohm compaired to my Denons at 500w ,which are creating line noise..only found this out after all these years by borrowing a friends (line noise sniffer)
I have a pair of Kenwood L-07's purchased on eBay a couple of years ago. You see them pretty often for around $350-450 per pair. I worked for Pacific Stereo back in the late '70s and they were generally our favorite amps for the larger Infinity speakers - no problem with the low impedance. You could consider biamping each speaker later by adding another pair of amps. That would be awesome.
For the money - Carver-Pro ZR1600 - probably 1000W per channel into your speakers and very tight bass. Just over $1K new and mods are around $1500. Nothing comes close as this price.
Here's a link to the thread about the Perreaux 5150 driving the woofers of an Infinity RS-1B system. If you do a search, you'll also find several comments about Rick's ( aka Rwd on Agon ) experience with a Perreaux PMF-2150 and PMF-3150 driving his RS-1B woofer columns. Quadophile also has come comments about bass output and woofer control using his Perreaux PMF-3150 in this review of Paradigm speakers. There are also several comments about older Perreaux's in this thread with specific reference made to them working quite well with "tough to drive" speakers that are of low impedance. I'm using two PMF-3150's to drive eight 12 inch woofers ( 2 ohm's per channel ) with nary a problem and thunderous bottom end. Sean
I drive my infinity bass with a krell ksa 100. Does the job for sure.

I'm interested in your experience with the Crowns.  I'm looking for mono's for woofer towers of Betas.

How have they worked out?
I have used the Crown CTS2000 amp for subwoofer.  This is an evolution of the same K2 type technology (Class I).  While these amps are very good for the money on the used market, they just did not control the subwoofers as strongly as a very high current Class AB amp.  My Emotiva XPR-1 monoblock is the strongest subwoofer amp I have ever used.  The XPA-1 monoblock is probably the next best thing.  If you have lots of money, the Bryston monoblocks would probably be very good.  Or Parasound JC1.
Big power Class-D they like 4ohms and bass is what they're good at, if nothing else.

Cheers George