suggestions on speakers for 5.1 setup $2500 range

expandable in the future, currently with a denon 3805 in a 25x20x12 ft room, windows on 2 sides and hardwood floors- nothing too bright. looking for bookshelves/ monitors- Is it advisable to use monitors from different companies for front/ center/ rear/ sub or would there be integration problems.
any comments on ascend, aperion?
Try to keep all of the speakers in your system from the same manufacturer if not all from the same line of one manufacturer.

Totem Dreamcatcher system. I they can be had for just under $2000 new and that does include a powered sub.

No experience with either ascend or aperion.

The best thing to do is to go and listen to as many systems in your price range and pick the one YOU like the most. There is no such thing as a perfect system.

Good luck
Look at Paradigm's monitor series. A lot of options and very nice sound for this price (or less). Not essential that the sub be from the same company (for instance, you'll never go wrong with a used Rel), but otherwise I agree with eldarado - buy the same brand for all the other speakers.
Or check out the Gallo set up, probably fits the price range....
I second the Paradigms: lots of great speaker for not much money. Keep them all the same for SACD reproduction or, at least, if you use a speaker made for uses as a centre, get a big one from the same manufacturer.

Beat me up again guys ... Paradigm Reference 20 v2's and a matched Paradigm CC center with a Seismic 10

I just saw posted today - 20 v2's and matching center for $1300 find a used Seismic ($900) you might even have a few bucks for stands/cables. I agree the sub can be switched out - the Seismic has a high price but will scare you. Lots of people seem to hate Paradigm for some reason.

PS - I have heard that speaker powered by a little tubed integrated and it changed my audio life. Don’t under estimate the potential of those little guys. I have also heard the Reference line in action at a friends house and thought it both musical and has stunning HT performance. Go and listen for yourself.
Give Quad L series a listen, you may even want to go for 21L floorstander for fronts.
Add Rega's new speaker line to the list. I just heard some R5's today ($1100 floor standers) that were VERY impressive for the price. I think they were better than the Paradigms I've heard in the price range.