Suggestions on speakers

Gooday all new here .....I am getting back to a real sound system i hope.... was a true nut about it in the 80,s.running some good stuff... i have inherited a Mx 118 A/V and a MC 7300 in perfect condition...playing my CD s thru a new Marantz 6006 and at present over some old KLH bookshelves which are quite amazing in that they are 70 years old and belonged to my father in law.and would like suggestions for speakers plan on adding a turntable for albums...used to run Infinity 2.5 s with dual adcom 555,s denon preamp and a denon DP3500 DD turntable with moving coil cartridge..thought it was pretty good at the time,,,,thanks for any suggestions been out of it for a long time
Try to get out and audition as many speakers as you can. If no dealers/B&Ms in your area, try to order from a site with a generous return policy, somewhere like Music Direct. This will allow an easy exchange of you decide they're not a fit after extended auditioning.

Alternatively, you can take a risk with used speakers from this site or others and possibly get a model at half or less of original retail. I recently bought gently used speakers from this site and paid about 1/3 of their original retail. However, I knew the type of sound I like going in. Even though I had no prior experience with the brand, they turned out to be a slam dunk. I did plenty of research on the brand's "house sound" before taking a plunge.

Ideally, you'll audition speakers in your home - with your gear. That is ultimately the key to finding the right pair. Another benefit of buying used is you won't take a huge bath of you decide to part with them in 3 months. 

Mention your budget and you'll get a wealth of suggestions for everyone's favorites. Just remember that no speaker can fit all tastes. Choosing speakers is like choosing a mate.