suggestions on preamp

Any good suggestions on a high quality used two-channel preamp for $1300 or so. I havent decided on the amp to match it with or the speakers for that matter. I'm looking at the possibility of using VMPS RM2 speakers. Any suggestions on pre's that match well with most components?
But a used placette passive. They go for that price, and they are amazing. Transperency and highs like you would not believe. I no longer use a pre, but if I did, it would probably be the placette (Note: I have tried far more expensive pre-amps's. Each ahd their pluses, but I alwasy preferd the placette) The placette does not have a sound IMHO, and thus garbage in, garbage out. It will not help a bad source sound good as some other pre-amps will. Hope this helps.
The best one is the one that best matches poweramp.
I personally like McCormack preamps. You could use them with high sencitiviy poweramps since they're either passive or have a very low gain. In this situation you get maximum transperency.
Nothing beats the Audible Illusions line of pre-amp in that price range. Get a Modulus 3A and you'll never turn back. If you live near Jersey, you can come over and hear mine.