Suggestions on integrated tube amps?

Hi, I am looking for a good integrated tube amp. Looking to spend $1000-$1500, if possible. (Willing to buy used.) I just got some nice Audio Physic Sparks and was wondering if anyone had ideas for something that would go particularly well with them. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Audition the Audiomat Arpege (EL34s). It comes in used here at Agon from $1200-1350. Excellent sound. 30W per channel. A friend has one on a pair of 90db (close to yours) sensitivity speakers (Northcreek) and it's very nice. Do buy used.

Only thing clearly better at that price is DIY if you like to solder a little.

You may be able to pick up a Manley Stingray for close to that. One of the very best tube intergrated period!
You should take a look at Jadis Orchestra integrated amp (30 watts/channel). I have one for use as a second system in my bedroom, and it sounds terrific. For info, you can find it in Jadis' website. Used price on Audiogon is in your range.
I had an opportunity to buy a Magnum Dynalab MD208 receiver a year ago. Being unimpressed with it after two or three days of listening, I had been using it with a backround (fm) system. After reading reviews in 'phile and others, which reported that it took months for the amp pre-amp to settle in , and seeing it's class "A" rating this year, I decided to give it a long term audition.

It is now, at least temporarily, in my main system. There is not question that the fm section outperforms the MD Etude separate tuner I was using. As far as the amp section is concerned, it doesn't quite produce that last bit of emotion that my Aleph 3 and Audible Illusions L1 did, but makes up in part far more power and dynamic enthusiasm. Since I am moving into a much larger house, and plan to use a pair of Maggie 3.6, as well as getting back into vynl, the Aleph 3 just would not cut it. I am so impressed with the 208 that I 'm going to give it a try with the new speakers in this larger listening room. On the used market, this unit is an absolute steal at $1500-1700. Check it out.
Try a Cary,VTL,Rogue.Cary is best perhaps in absolute terms but Rogue and VTL have matching power amps availible in their lines.Latter on you might want to bi-amp for bigger room,less sensitive speaker swap or just to make the Sparks sound their best.Read the paper on bi-amping at the Cary site.With Rogue you might even swing a seperate amp and pre for that budget wich inn terms of latter flexibility would be way to go.
Try to find a Cary SLI 50, pure class A bias using E34L's with 30 watts per channel. This amp is magic, it kicks butt and is gorgeus besides, not as cute as the Stingray but will sonically wipe it out with more slam, air, and bass extension.