Suggestions on DVD/CD player with great sound....

Had enough of the "nagging"!. Girlfriend really likes the stereo sound, so wants to be able to watch movies, and (!)have great sound. I have no clue , since I do not watch a whole lot of movies.
So my question is: what DVD/CD player do I buy that will get a good picture, but great sound as well, in two channels only?
Looking at used , probably under 1200$
Thank you.
A lot depends on your current system. A 1200 oppo would be a waste if you have a 200 receiver.
Oppo 105 D will do the trick for movies and using the xlr outs for music not bad for the price long break in for music
system: Sony TA-707ESD preamp, two Sony TA-55ES amps .
Agreed. I have two OPPOS. You never know when circumstances may change (or girlfriends) and buying the best most versatile DIGITAL source there is leaves you plenty of room to expand your other components as need arises. Plus, for what they are capable of doing, they are a steal. Best of luck!
I have an Oppo 103 which is great. The 105 is overkill unless you need the best audio out for two channel and balance out or will upgrade your system soon. The Darbee processing is said to be great but best appreciated on a big screen with very high resolution. The 103 is the best value out there.
Esoteric DV-50S. They sell for about $1200 used.
OK, Sony ES gear is nice. If I'm correct, it is older with no digital processing. With that said, you need a player with a good DAC. The fun part of the oppo is that it an act as a dac for other connections, it can link to your home network and can link directly to netflix and more.

You will appreciate it greatly, both sonically and functionally. Will you hear a difference with the 105, Maybe? I will say that if you do not intend to go with a theater set-up, the 103 will work fine and you can always add an external DAC if you want to step it up another notch.
Let me again say what a deal ALL the gear from OPPO Digital is. Yes, they each have their own specific purposes but the differences between each unit are truly at the bleeding edge of high end audio. You need VERY EXPENSIVE EQUIPMENT (and great ears), the PERFECT room and set up, to hear the difference between the units. This hardly EVER happens in the Real World. I have a second one because, when the time came, I needed a 3D Blu-ray player. Video aside, I tried swapping my two different OPPO's in my system and I could not tell any difference at all, listening to anything. And I have good ears :)

When I got my first OPPO, I thought the carry bag was waaay cool but I also thought the 122 page instruction manual a bit odd. Why would you need a 122 page manual for a "basic" Blu-ray player you intend to replace your broken CD player with? Heh. Buy one, study that manual, and see just what these are capable of. Best of luck!

Okay, so is this OPPO product better than a Playstation 3?
I think under your situation the Oppo 103 would serve you well. You can buy a new one for half your budget limit giving you the full life of the transport and optical pickup. From everything I have heard the Oppo company is great to deal with.
This may be an old posting and I'm not sure your decided yet, but there are plenty of great cdps available and many price ranges. Since you have Sony ES why not get a Sony ES dvd/sacd player. I had the dvd9000es and its cd performance was spectacular, better than many high-end stand alone cdps of its era.
Old news now but I remember this thread...with OPPO ceasing production of all new players this year, check out Amazon, Ebay, etc., for what USED OPPO Digital players are going for. My $500 OPPO-BDP 105 runs 2 grand with plenty of buyers. My original OPPO BD-95, years old now, will still fetch $1,200. Both players have been in heavy use and I have never had a single problem with either one. It's very rare these days to find such great gear without breaking the bank and really sad to see them closing down new production though the are still open and will continue to be so if you have maintenance issues.