Suggestions on cartridge for the Pro-ject RM5 TT

What cartridge would be a good match for the Pro-ject RM5 TT. I know it was just reviewed with the sumiko blue point 2. I just auditioned this TT with a inexpensive grado silver. My dealer did not have the sumiko blue point 2. What other recommendations within the $300.00 range would be a good match. I will be using this with a Plinius 9200.

I purchased my RM-5 from the Needle Doctor and they recommended the Ortofon X-5 high output moving coil which was around $300. I went with this cartridge and have been very pleased with it. An individual here on Audiogon recommended the Denon DL-160 and said he liked it better than the Ortofon X-5. I have not tryed the Denon yet but will probably do so down the road.
Audio Technica AT440MLa, see the buzz at Audio Asylum. It's only $90.00, but don't let that color your judgement, it is a giant killer and very arm tolerant. I like the Denon DL110 and DL160 as well, cost is $110.00 and $180.00. If you can use a low output MC the Audio Technica ATOC9 mk2 is great for the full budget.