Suggestions on best Tony Bennet CD

Would also require CD is top quality in recording too.
Try the Bill Evans and Tony Bennet disc, which is available on XRCD2.
Better yet get it as a K2, same exact recording and almost half the price. If you check on you might even be able to get it for $5.99.
He did an album in perhaps 1993 called "Steppin Out" that has excellent performances and fantastic sonics.

Around the same time, he issued an album dedicated to Sinatra that is sonically less impressive, but the songs and performances are lovely.

There are a million earlier albums to choose from. I frankly can't get too worked up about the Bill Evans colloboration.
Don't know about the best because I have only one:


Multi-Grammy winners Tony Bennett and k.d. lang duet on a selection of songs inspired by the legendary Louis Armstrong, including "What A Wonderful World", "La Vie En Rose", "Exactly Like You", "You Can Depend On Me."

Lee Musiker- Piano
Paul Langosch- Bass
Clayton Camern - Drums
Gray Sargent - Guitar

Special appearance by Scott Hamilton - tenor sax

it is with KD Lang, released 2003. I find it very enjoyable but don't know how it compares to the rest of Bennett's huge discography.

Oh, if you want to side track a little, have you listened to Paul Kuhn?

That one is fun too :-)
Thank you all for your suggestions. Looking forward to picking something up very soon. Always enjoyed listening to Tony when a song came across the radio but never put much attention in looking to buy his material, until now.
Thanks again.
I own the Tony Bennet Unplugged SACD (available on standard cd also). It sparkles with energy. It's a nice one to listen to.