Suggestions on an integrated w/ digital inputs?

I have a CD player with dead RCA's that's just too expensive right now to repair, but it has Toslink and a digital out. I'm running it through a Theta DAC but I want to get back to the original DAC's in the player. My integrated has no digital, hence the use of the Theta. I want to keep the CD player but would swap out the integrated for another with digital inputs. Any suggestions? Thanks. P.S. I love this site! Everyone here is just as crazy about audio as I am.
Peachtree , Decco for $800 list is very good. There are better but.......for more. What is your budget, speakers and preferances - sound wise ???
Music Hall Trio used is at about that same price point (used, not new). I'v heard one and it made a 15 y.o. mid fi CD player sound pretty good through its internal dac.
Speakers are Joseph 25 RMsi, the CD player is a Primare CD21 with dead RCA's. I'm using an Arcam Alpha 10 which has given me nothing but solid clean clear power for years. I hate to see it go. Maybe I should let the Primare go instead? I would go $1000-1500 for an integrated same for a disc player. I like a very clean un-colored sound.
Thanks for your suggestions. I'll check them out immediately.
There is a Primare CD21 listed on Agon now. That could solve your problem if you are happy with the Arcam.
As to the original question though, I'm a bit confused. You say you want to stay with your cdp's dac, well using the digital input on an integrated won't accomplish this. You'll be using the integrated amp's dac. You don't say what Theta model you are using. It may be better than what you'll find in an integrated for $1500.
The Theta is a DS Pro Prime II. I'm also not thrilled with how the Primare has issues reading not perfectly round discs. Lots of noise in the tray. You can see the not round discs when put on a Bedini. Maybe I should pair the Theta with a dedicated transport? I'm getting more confused by the minute!?!? And if all this wasn't enough I really want to get into SACD especially to hear the new Dead Can Dance reissues.
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I was not aware of the bypass issue. Now I know what would happen with the digital inputs. Thanks everyone for clearing this up. You learn something everyday. Getting closer to a solution