Suggestions on an integrated amp for Merlin TSMM

Looking for a moderate priced integrated amp for the merlin TSM M's. Any suggestions?
Quaslify more.Tube solid state?Price?Could go with bargain Creek and it will work but for anothe couple grand go with sweet EL34 mids.Plus would you buy used?
Joule Vamp, Manley Stingray, the Ars Sonum which is imported by Merlin. For very affordable, the Audio Analogue Puccini SE is really good! Cheers,

Audio aero prima mk1 can be picked up, used, in these adds for around $600. 6922 tube in the pre which you can roll to get the sounds you want....mosfets in amp section. 40w per channel.

Sweet, seductive but detailed. Perfect for merlin tsm`s imo. YMMV of course.
There is an Audio Note Soro SE for sale on Agon right now. This is easily in the same league as the Manley Stingray and better as far as I am concerned. Give it a try...
lots of great suggestions, prima luna with el 34s and stingray as step up to it for tube amps. an older pucinni with a good power cord for ss and even the rega brio works very well too.
bobby at merlin
While He Would Not Mention It Here Due To Rules Bobby Is The North American Distributer Of An Unreal Little Integrated Amp Whose Name Eludes Me. I Have Heard Unbelievably Great Things About It And You May Want To Ask Him About It Via Phone. He Wouldnt Sell It If It Didnt Integrate Well With His Speakers. Forgive The Caps As I Am Writing From My Cell
This is the famous amplifier that matches synergistically with Merlins.

Anyone using an Ars-Sonum Filarmonia SE integrated with speakers other than Merlin? If so, what?

Also, what's the bias procedure for the Filarmonia SE? Is it manual, auto? If manual, is it an easy procedure that can be accessed from the front?
Can't wait to get my Filharmonia! I'm using a sophia electric el34 with my vsm-mm. Quite pleased with this setup for now.
Jamesw20, your reply is common with others I have found on the web about the Filarmonia...Merlin owners awaiting delivery.

Anyone using an Ars-Sonum Filarmonia SE integrated with speakers other than Merlin? If so, what?

I figure the answer is no, BTW, since to my knowledge there are only 15 or so of these amps in the US.
I waited quite a while for my Filharmonia but it was worth the wait. I am working on a review on both the speakers and the amp. To answer your question it is auto-bias.

Auto bias. Thanks, Tarichar.

Since the amp appears to have been "tuned" to work ideally with the Merlins (no 4, 8, or 16 ohm taps, for example), I'm interested to know how it performs with loudspeakers other than Merlin. It does seem to be a well built amplifier.
Bump for additonal long-term observations from users of the Ars-Sounum with the Merlins.