suggestions on affordable equipment stands.

i have a basic stereo system with lots of tweaks because this is part of the hobby i like. my goal is to get the best sound quality for budget prices so i use emotiva amp, pre and cd. music fidelity vdac. magnepan mmg speakers with dual deq velodyne subs. i have improved the performance of my system with isonodes , room tune and bass traps room treatments, furman and ps audio ac improvements and all morrow audio cables. today i put all my gear on a slab of concrete resting on tennis balls and some thick wood butcher blocks between each component. the system was on a glass shelved metal rack from walmart. isolated with vibrapods but still from walmart. the sound quality is improved and i suspect resonance from the metal and glass were a problem. any opinions on this or suggestions about a inexpensive rack that would help ? thanks john
why not rest each component on an ikea lack table with the tennis balls and concrete slab. The tables are cheap enough about 7bucks each. There made of composite wood. There very light weight yet sturdy and will support each piece of gear.I am guessing you have a seperate listening room from the description of various room acoustic materials..good luck.
thanks. i like the price and have ikea chairs already. i,ve read that maple wood is a low resonance material. most of the audiophile cabinets i see are really expensive so i like to try and figure these things out thru experimenting.
Hotmailjbc: How I know about the ikea lack tables? I have a friend/neighbor close by me who has some very top flight gear and he has tried enough expensive racks. And he swears that the ikea lack tables with iso pucks work the best and on the cheap.
I found some 'cheap' racks at a local TV megastore. I bought them and filled all the square section metal tubing with oven dried playbox sand, then sealed the openings with 50 year outdoor urethane sealant. They are pretty nice for $100. stands. I have a tall one for the electronica, and a low one for the plasma and Video stuff, and another low one for my two turntables. The shelves are 'wedged' with materials to stiffen the spaces from below each (glass) shelf The shelves are held in slots with dampening material I added.
I try to dampen more than put on tiptoes. So I use a big pile of Chemical rubber bottle stoppers (size 10) and some cut up chemical mats.
I also have antistatic foam in there too.
So I would suggest if you can, add sand or some other dampening stuff into the tubing. Find cheap substitutes for other expensive 'audiophile' products for spikes, tuning dots, dampening.
Like I have a $5 shelf from a floor sample of an exotic Brazilian wood, very much like teak, 3/4 " thick flooring stuck on a 1/4 " base under my Kuzma TT with the base on concrete patio blocks (on thin hard rubber pads) for mass on the glass rack top.
Ikea stuff is a great value and if you add half inch granite tops to stiffen the structure you get a great combo. The half inch stuff is generally available for about $40 a square foot. I've seen quarter inch going for about $25 a square foot. Often you can get bargains on scrape granite.
thanks for all the great suggestions. these will keep me busy for a few weeks
I used the Mapleshade approach. I made my own, but maple butcher blocks drilled for threaded rods. Works great.
I used the Mapleshade approach. I made my own, but maple butcher blocks drilled for threaded rods. Works great.
Same here except I used slabs of slate for my DIY project. Very heavy and very inert.
DiY baby! Costs less and you get that special pride when you're done... click here. This is a great rack, I made mine with Ash that still had the curves of the wood on the edges. Cost me around $200 in materials and a couple weekends of drilling and sanding. Love it
thanks for the encouragement.. the the pictures of the racks are very nice and i like the theory. i've read lots of good things about the sonic characteristics of maple so i,m going to start on this..
I got a lot of help for a DIY rack (which I enjoy) on the thread below.

But a bit of patience could get you a nice used rack here for a price that might be quite competitive, as the materials for DIY can be pretty dear.

Note that if you go a rod and shelf design, the three rod version linked above limits the depth of components, which might be an issue with some gear, like big power amps.

thanks for the response. your equipment rack and setup is very nice. the links are helpful. i.m leaning toward maple butcher blocks and those boos products are what i was looking for that are commercially available. if i go another direction i still have some great butcher blocks.
Note that if you go a rod and shelf design, the three rod version linked above limits the depth of components, which might be an issue with some gear, like big power amps.

This would be true if one of the rods was in back, which it isn't. All rods are on the sides of the shelves.
My bad, Tholt. Missed it on the first picture. You save the cost of one rod and associated hard wear this way; is stability affected (kids, pets)?

Hotmailjbc: I use Boos in my kitchen. Nice blocks, good price. You might call a local countertop/kitchen place for prices, but the Boos are pre cut and finished, which is a nice savings on labor, depending on your woodshop.

I expect you are checking, but below an FYI about the kind of (3 legged!) thing available here (no affiliation with seller). My guess is that over time, lots of options for 500 or less come up (eg, Soild Steel comes up from time to time).

Depends on how you want to spend your time and money, of course. J
@Jdoris - 4 legs would be more stable than 3, but I haven't had a problem with stability. I suspect going with 3 rods over 4 is the same '3 points make a plane' principle as using 3 footers under a component instead of 4; the least contact while still functional.

The rack in the link you provided does have a leg in back, so your previous observation may be true in this case.
i like those boos blocks. thanks
I built my own out of salvaged mdf I got from a used display rack/ cabinet from behind a K mart store. At first i built speaker stands, but now I use them for equipment stands. Each comoonent has its own stand. It looks and works great and in fact, I have had lot of people ask where I got it and they can believe it was basically free except for about 10 bucks spent on fasting hardware. Maybe i sould go into business making these.