Suggestions on a new /used amp for Focal speakers.

My speakers are Focal 826W powered by two rebuild Sony TA-55ES , but i think it is time sell them and to upgrade to one amplifier.
Some details: room is 12 by 18 feet with cathedral ceiling/lots of curtains, large paintings, carpet floors.
Amplifier is set up on a dedicated 20 amp line.
As far as the sound itself, mids and sound stage are more important to me than bass. Of course I want tight bass, but at my age, it is not that important.I am looking for a warm sound versus more detail.
I mostly listen to CD`s (sometimes MacBook). The genres I listen to are:  classic rock, blues and some classic music as well. Mostly low to mid level, but when the wife is gone, sometimes I crank it!
Budget is about  $ 3000 , more or less.
Thoughts? Ideas? 
Thank you for your suggestions.
(hope this make sense!)

Tubes which leads you to Primaluna most likely at this price point. I have owned some of their stuff and it is very nice. 
If you look at the first graph, you’ll see the 826W’s are 2.5ohm around 100hz this is the power region, and on top of that it has around - 60 degree phase angle as well down there.
This is a load that needs an amp that can deliver current.

If you want good tight powerful bass, I would suggest a >100w solid state amp that is not Mosfet output but BJT (bi-polar).

Cheers George
if they are like the profiles, the low impedance is fake.  look for two large electrolyruc caps in the crossover, each attached to a number of resistors.  remove smaller one.  replace tweeter caps with mundorf mkp.  issues solved for around $18 a speaker.