Suggestions on a Musical, Full Range Speaker

I currently have a Clayton M300 SS amps, with Cary SLP-05 & 306 CD player and looking for high end full range speakers that are musical and not fatiguing. Room size is 13 x 21 with 8 ft ceiling consisting of hardwood floor over basement and standard drywall walls. Room has large rug, furniture, wall treatments, and two large openings to other large rooms. Speakers potentially located 10 ft apart and 1 feet from wall. Interested in creating a demo list of potential contenders in the $5-12k range new/used that would be considered class A for the category.
Musical, non fatiguing sounds like a Vandersteen potential customer, the Quarto standard or wood model would likely fit the bill plus they offer powered bass so amps you own would have an easy load and they have 11 band bass EQ to tame any room problems for best possible performance. The only issue that you will find with most any speaker is your 1foot from wall placement that will almost always be somewhat of a compromise but having ability to tume the bass would help.
I am using Dynaudiio Contour 5.4's in my large (16x30) room, with great results. Listening is always a good experience. I have found, however, they sound their best when located 6' from back wall, and 5' from side walls in an equilateral triangle to listening position. (Measurements approximate). A great new speaker from Dynanaudio is the Sapphire, at the upper end of your price limit, but they are really special, and only a thousand will be made. If I could afford them, I would surely order a pair.

Best of luck, and enjoy,
I highley recommend the Montana EPS 2 speakers. They play all types of music very well with an efficientcy rating of 92 db.
I love those Dynaudios too, Sapphires, very nice. In your range I think you have to test drive the Quad 2905, they are truly sublime and would match very well with your already excellent gear. Also, check out the Linn Accurates.

Good luck, post some pictures when you choose.
Reference 3A Grande Veena
Harbeth 40.1
Spendor SP100r
You could always get yourself some corner horns, such as the Klipschorns.
Check out Green Mountain Calypso's. Best I've ever heard for that kind of room, and fairly friendly to tubes too. Time aligned like the Vandersteens mentioned above, but also built to a higher standard with a high level mathematical modeling involved in their design.

Ditto Reference 3A, but I prefer ribbons, when they are properly crossed over, and preferably bi-wire/biampable, so you can add an active XO and dial them in properly.

Emerald Physics CS 2s would be worth investigation
Magnumpi205 and Tweak1, do you think the
Reference 3A Grande Veenas, Calypsos or Harbeth 40.1s could be 1-foot from the wall w/o booming? Just curious. Thanks.
The actual distance from the center of a driver would be a little more than ~2 ft. The Montana ESP2 look good as well as Von Schweikert's or Reimer Wind Rivers (discontinued).
Have both the Spendor SP100s and Reference Grande Veenas close to a treated wall.
When you are placing speakers in a home , you have to be creative. Correct placement takes a lot of time and work when all factors are taken in to consideration.
Pick out the speakers you like best and work on set up. Don't work backwards and pick the speakers that you think will work best in the room. You will never be happy with that purchase, always wishing you had picked the ones you liked best.