Suggestions on a good Stereo HT from $1000-$1500

A friend of mine wants a nice HT. I had one and traded it in for a high end stereo. I'm still of the opinion that a really good stereo is better than the same priced full blown HT, simply because a pre-amp, stereo amp and two speakers for X amount of dollars should sound better than a processor, 5-6 channels of amps and speakers for the same X amount of dollars.

Since his goal is only $1000-$1500, I need suggestions for him, new and/or used. I really don't know what to suggest at that price range. Thanks!
I think there is somone with a Mirage Omnisat speakers for sale here on the gon, includes the subwoofer, 1,700 MSRP but is selling for about 1000. Throw in a Denon AVR-1804(new) or a used Denon AVR-2803 (used) and he should come within budget and get a good solid HT setup. Definatly good enough to knock the socks off of any non-audiophile types

That oughtta fit the bill nicely, those omnisats are pretty good with movie stuff and dont sound too shabby for music either. I think he would probably be pretty happy with the system, the Omnisats look weird but are not too big, so it would probably work out well with the WAF.

It would certainly stomp any Bose system of equal price.
Looks like that Mirage Omni-sat system has already been sold.

Another nice mix is KEF Q1 bookshelves with any Denon reciever. Q1's run for what, 225 each? might get a little higher than his budget, but it is a killer combo
Thanks, Slappy. I appreciate your time and thoughts.