Suggestions on a good shelf system?

Hello All,
I need some suggestions on a good sounding all in one shelf system for my bed room. I really like the Arcam Solo but I don't want to spend that kind on money for a second system. Any suggestion?
used linn classik...preamp, amp, cd player, and some with optional tuner...about 900 to 1200 used depending on age and options
NAD L53 would cost you like a grand less than the Arcam and will play DVDs as well as CD. Hook up the monitors of your choice with some magnet wire, a screen if you want to use the DVD function, and you're all set.
You might be shocked to hear how good the Sharp SD-EX111 all-in-one sounds. It is a CD player, tuner, pre-amp and 2-channel amplifier in one unit. The amplifiers are of the digital/switching type and sound very good.

This unit was designed with an MSRP of $499 in mind, but I think the Sharp name did not help it generate the credit it was due. These were closed out for under $100 last year and they sometimes show up on the used market for about $100-$150. They are well worth the price.

Redwine audio also performs mods on the Sharp that take it to another level. With the mods this all-in-one becomes a very good sounding unit.

Also there is a 18,000+ hit post about this unit over at . You also sometimes see one listed in the marketplace section of Audiocircle.

The Arcam is a great unit and the Linn is also. But given the price difference, I would always choose the Sharp. Heck, it might even sound better overall......