Suggestions on 300b tube amps

I have listened extensively to the Assemblage 300b tube amp with the premium upgrade at a friends house running Audio Note AN-E speakers. The Assemblage sounds way better than his Luxman 3045s and C-J MV-75. I have been looking for a used unit (all that can be found now), with no luck. Anybody try the Audio Notes (kit series), Wavelenghts, or Sun Audio?
Have owned a Wavelength Audio Duetto for several years, and is a fabulous amp with WE 300B tubes, and compared to
Audio Note Quest monoblock 300B's, the Audio Notes having more gain and able to drive less efficient speakers!
Cary 20 LX monoblock using the KR 300 BLXS as been my favorite 300b tube amp so far, plus it reach an unusuel 20 watts, it does not come to often on the used market tought.
I have heard good things about the Wavelenghs (almost nothing negative). I've tried looking at the Cary website, but it looks minimal now compared to some of their early paper catalogs from 7 years back. Wondering which other 300b unit either of you have also owned before and any quick thoughts on them. Thanks.

You will need to audition amps as most companies have a house sound (for example: the difference between Cary and Audion is one of night VS day).

You might try searching the SET forum @ in order to narrow your choices down a bit.