Suggestions on $1k used preamp w/ phono

Any suggestions on a good sounding preamp which has phono (and good line stage). Minimalist features are a plus. Looking to get back into vinyl but need good linestage in addition to the phono section (Accuphase DP75V cd player)
I'd suggest a used MFA Magus, or used Audible Illusions Modulus. If you can get the John Curl phono board with it, that would be a plus.
Try the Musical Fidelity A3cr. IT has everything you're looking for at around $800 used.

Check out Mapletree Audio Design ( for their line of preamps. Dr. Lloyd is very easy to talk to.
You could check out the Odyssey Tempest -

Odyssey Audio

This package fits your requirements perfectly (and it's new, too).

What is your amp? Also, do you want to get into tubes? The Cary SP-74 would be a fun way to get going into tubes. I'm using a VTL 2.5 w/ the phono stage, but they go for about 2 or 3 hundred north of a grand. The MF, I would have to second that choice.
Conrad Johnson PV10B with phono stage will open your ears to the wonderful world of tubes! Buy it with confidence here at Audiogon!
I second quincy's suggestion.
They are others, but I also vote for the CJ PV-10. There is also the PV-10A that came before the current B model.
I can't stand CJ, especially the 10B. If you do go CJ, try the PV5, much better.
The MFA is beautiful and the AI is nice too. I simply hate dual volume controls.
Consider a Classe 30. Very minimalist, very easy to use, trouble free and great phono stage. Plus, you get remote.
My other choice is a Sumo Athena-pure class A, simple, solid state and will keep up with anything 10 times the price. You can find one for under $300
How about a Classe DR6? Built like a tank, great phono section, separate power supply, can use balanced interconnects, sounds smooth yet dynamic without the fuss of tubes.

I got mine for less than $1000.