Suggestions of integrated amps


I have a pair of Hales Design Group Concept 2 speakers and I am thinking about driving them with either the Naim Nait 5i (italics) or the Peachtree Audio Nova 125. Both are rumored to be more on the warm side, as I want to take the edge off these sealed box speakers. I know the Naim is rated at 40 watts but hear it is very conservatively rated. Just don't know if it will push the 2s w/o compression etc.

Any opinions? I want to stay around $1500 but want good bass and lush midrange - used to drive these with Golden tube pre and SE-1 amp (40 watts) and I loved the sound but wanted a little more bass umph.

You won't get what you are looking for with the Naim. I had the 5i and was very disappointed with it. Its definately not going to be warm. You won't be mistaking it for a tube amp.

The best way to describe the sound is that its not clean. When I say that, I don't mean defective or broken; its just something you have to hear for yourself. I don't know if I can explain it.

I haven't heard the Peachtree so I can't comment on it. Its supposed to be very good, though. Another integrated that you will probably like very much is a Creek 5350. I had them side by side and for me, at least, there was no comparison at all. I couldn't come up with 1 thing the Naim did as well, or better than the Creek.
I had a Peachtree audio Nova and thought it was pretty bad. The volume control was very unbalanced and the sound just average, luckily I bought it for Crutchfield and sent it back before the 30 day trial was up. Try any of the ones from Wyred 4 Sound, they are MUCH better in both sound quality and build.