Suggestions-New or Used $3-4k Tube amp w/ Usher

for my 1st venture into tube gear. I lean toward rock jazz classical and female vocalists in my musical tastes.

I would like to go from my Apl Denon3910 (modified tube output) CDP directly to amp.
My room size is 3600 cubic feet 15x20x12(h)

My speakers are Usher AC10s "Dancer Series" 3ways These have the ceramic accuton mids and tweeters. They are 87db sensitivity- 8 ohms

Thanks for any ideals. Tom
I'm mailing a check to Alex tomorrow for one of his 3910's and I plan to run it into my VTL Sig. 250 monos. I was at CES in January and heard his player in a couple systems. Both were very good and I mentioned I'd be using the VTL's which he said would work very well.

Also, I work with a local dealer who handles both Usher and VTL and I've heard several of their speakers, both at CES and at a couple friends. I believe they would be a great match plus you should be able to find a pair of the 250's on Audiogon in your price range. The 250 is better than the 450; I've heard both several times.
You sure will love the Apl 3910 I loveit.
I found your reply interesting, considering I bought some older,in very good cond. VTL Deluxe Monos on Monday. I thought I'd experiment with used and go from there.
Thanks, Tom
i am running some usher cp-777 from the dancer series with the new beryllium tweeter with a marsh 400 amp and a vtl.5.5 tubed preamp and the sound is very good.
i have driven the same pair with a 50 watt tube integrated
wich did not have the same grip on the bass as the marsh but was very enjoyable sounding.
i have heard that usher speakers are best driven with transistor amplification but my experience with these shows me this could be wrong.
anyways, getting a pair of the new usher r.1.5 power amps
soon, rated at 150 watts per channel(360 watts as a mono)
in pure class A ,we will see if thats a match made in heaven.
afterwards....a pair of ASL hurricannes for big tube power to see how the usher r-1.5 fares compare to it!
will be back for more details after auditioning seriously!