Suggestions---Interconnects, Speaker cabling

Vandersteen Quatros, Conrad Johnson 250 S, CJ Pre CT 5--currently--running a set of Cardas Golden Ref from Pre to Amp-and Audioquest Niagras from CD to Pre--(tried this the other way around--- the Cardas from CD to Pre, and Niagras to Amp--things sounded a bit muddy.

The Niagras can, at times, seem a bit bright on certain pieces; (In current configuration). Then again, I am also experimenting with speaker cabling, bi wired for the Vandys-

All thoughts regarding above setup are welcome-I know many believe that one has to run all interconnects and speaker cabling from same manufacturer--but not sure I am sold on that idea---
I'd suggest calling Alpha-Core for a free trial of seperate runs of Goertz MI or AG 3 speaker cables.
I have Vandersteen 5A's and found Cardas cables severly cable is worse. I tried anticables with great success.
Mapleshade - 30 day trial period if you don't like em send em back. I have replaced the speaker cabling in both systems with their double helix cables and and quite happy.