Looking for suggestions to upgrade speakers ($2000). System:

Amps: B&K St-140 mono blocks
preamp: adcom GfP-750
DAC: adcom GDA-700
turntable: music hall MMF-7
phono amp: musical fidelity
CD player: Marantz SA8260 player
SPeakers: Snell KII

I know it's hard to recommend speakers and everyone says to listen to them. The problem is that I'm in Vermont, and I have one Audio store withing 150 miles with dynaudio, B&K, and Paradigm. I've listend to the Dynaudio Focus 140, but are they wasted on my system? Should other pieces of my system be upgraded first? My Snells sound a bit 'tinny/screechy'. I listen to Jazz, classical and rock on cd/vinyl.
My recomindation for the most bang for the buck speaker that is very good is the Monitor Audio RS6.
I have a pair and love them. Very enveloping with beautiful full bass and pristine highs.
Very full tonal range and well balanced.
Read the reviews on them.
Will fill a large room nicely.
They can be bought for $600-700 used here on AG.
Leaves more money for upgrade on the front end.
If you don't like them, they will sell quick here for a good price if you buy them at a good price.
Hope this helps. John
John, thank you for the suggestion. I travel frequently so maybe I can audition some in early February when I'm in the San Fran Bay Area. That's as long as I can hold off on buying the Dynaudio's. I purchased my SA8260 at San Fran Stereo.

You seem to suggest that my front end is suffering (assume that means pre-amp and digital source)?? What would you suggest should be upgraded first, or in most need of upgrading?

Thought I should mention, my local audio store carries 'B&W' not B&K as I said above. But in the price range I was willing to spend, they only had the CM5's and the 683 (?) and some lower models. I though both were a bit bright and with some classical music I was cringing. It could have been their equipment too. They have the reasonable price room (with Nad, rotel, etc driving) and then they have the high end room with some super-pricey tube stuff.
>Should other pieces of my system be upgraded first?<

I noted that you asked if you should upgrade other componants first and thought I'd suggest a way to save you some yen for those upgrades.
What you have listed looks very good to me.
Hi Terri. You have $2000 listed as what I'm guessing is your budget and the CM5 has an MSRP of $1000. If it is $1000 and you are looking at monitors similar to the CM5, I would suggest that you listen to the PSB Imagine B. I think they would match well with your listed components and serve you well with the type of music you listen to. Clean, clear, and dynamic and your B & K amps should provide plenty of juice. Very classy looking in the cherry finish.

I have heard a lot of descriptions of K/IIs, but 'tinny/screechy' would not be one of them. Are you sure that all is well with your speakers or your system upstream?