suggestions from square one, sortta

I dove in, perhaps too soon, and got a MMF 2.2 turntable.

and right now, I've got a $70 used Pioneer receiver (vsx-d209) and a set of JBL speakers that came with it.

basically, I wanna hear some records the day my MMF arrives in the mail! but, i know nothing about this stuff. (the MMF purchase was kinda implusive)

ideally, i'd like a setup that includes a computer line in/out so I can send the source around the house, a CD player (which i don't have), and my new turntable.

just dont know enough to know to even ask at this stage, but ready to learn?

thanks for reading and thanks for your help.
Hi Red,

Best wishes with your venture! I believe you're already facing one roadblock: I don't think your receiver has a phono input. So unless you get a separate phono preamplifier real quick, you won't be able to use your MMF when you get it. Turntables/cartridges put out very low signals and need to be boosted, unlike CD players and other sources.

Look at sites like the Needle Doctor, Music Direct, Audio Advisor and Acoustic Sounds under "phono preamps" to see what's available. Sorry to give you what's probably bad news!
You can download the manual for your receiver here, and Hesson11 is correct; you need a phono preamp between your turntable and this receiver for it to sound right. How much budget might you have for this?

You can get a phono stage for less than $30 here; if you're willing to spend a little more money, this should be a good value. If you're willing to pay more, Music Hall has one at $150.

My personal favorite under $200 is the Cambridge 640P.
I own the turntable you bought & I have a Cambridge 640P. Those two are a good match. Trying to save some $, I tried a $60 pre and got what i paid for, not worth it.
A year later I have a hyper-eliptipcal stylus from LP Gear, a few used platter mats for different records (grams), a big block of wood (base) and a nice array of cleaning supplies. $700+ got my foot in the door and have not bought a CD in a year.
The Bellari phono stages are another real bargain in your price range.

As to your broader question, most people here refer to the idea of music from your computer going "around the house" as a "music server". Basically you have digital files from itunes or something similar, and use your wireless computer network to get sound to your stereo and/or other stuff. The most popular item in this regard is the Logitech Squeezebox which connects to your receiver and receives the music files from your computer.(I bought one here used for $160!) They also make a boombox that works similarly. Check out Logitech's website and also the video review to get a grasp of this fast-changing stuff. Search archives here on "server" and you will see many conversations about options here. It's changing fast and getting cheaper, like most computer stuff. Cheers,
hey thanks for all the replies. i was waiting for an email to let me know someone responded here, but that never happened. luckily, i stopped back by.

so, im going to start looking around for a used or discounted preamp. it looks like the used Cambridge 640p's sell fast on this site.

but before I do, would it be smart to think about tossing out my craigslist pioneer receiever for something that might include an integrated phono amp or look into a new receiver that matches up with a specifically with some other preamp and my MMF 2.2?

or, will something like the Cambridge 640P remain a good fit, even if I do a receiver upgrade down the road?

thanks again!
Most current receivers suck. Buy an integrated amp or better yet, separate power amp & preamp. Analog tuners won't have any stations broadcasting in a couple of years anyway. Internet-based radio is a free bonus on the Squeezebox and other digital music server devices. Cheers,