suggestions for Windows 10 software please, , laptop to USB DAC, AIFF files, remote app

moving from Mac to Windows with a hard drive of 5TB AIFF files and a Dell Windows 10 laptop controlling a USB DAC

looking for a Windows 10 program that is easy to use, has an App I can control from my iPhone or iPad, can use AIFF files

I don't believe in any big differences between  programs that deliver bit perfect data so cheap, effective, simple, controllable is my criteria

been out of the loop for a while so don't know what is out there


Personally I hate them all, but especially JRiver.

Far less odious for me is Media Monkey. Free version available to try.

The sound is the same to me. The issues are all with the user interfaces.



Heh, everyone is different. I use JRiver from a Windows 7 PC. I have used the JRemote app from my ipad and it works well. JRiver also works excellent as a DLNA server. I have streamed my files down to both a Sony Bluray and an Oppo bluray playing in my home theater system (played through HT processor).

As far as easy to use, the JRiver has a whole lot of configurability, so you might run into scenarios where you have to dig into the settings and tweak something for your specific device/configuration. It’s definitely not a plug-n-play iTunes.

I -think- I auditioned Media Monkey several years ago and, if I remember right, it handled FLAC files poorly (sound quality was degraded). I don’t know if this has changed, but it’s something to research if you use FLAC. It used to be that media software was not always the same when regarding the compressed FLAC (JRiver handles this great).

I use JRiver, but I hear good things about Jplay.-Though it seems to be somewhat controversial.
Since you can trial them, why not give them a try?
I would also recommend Fidelizer. It made a big difference for my system.
JRiver is the one to go for. Good SQ, library functions and customization. Use JRemote from your portable device to control it.

JPlay lacks in ease-of-use and features although it's SQ is good.

Fidelizer is not a music player.
I know Fidelizer isn't a music player, but it did improve sound quality reproduction in my rig.

I guess I am the one who has mixed results from Fidelizer.  I think on my laptop, it seemed to improve things.  However, on my desktop, it decreased the overall sound quality and naturalness of the audio.  It seemed to change from hi-fi to lo-fi.  I think Fidelizer might be doing weird things to the timing of internal O/S processes. 

If it works for you, great!

so Jriver charges you $50 for the program, no problem, but then sticks you for another $10 for the remote app

overall I don't have an issue with $60 for all, just seems kind of underhanded

I personally use JRiver and happy with its sound quality. It's easy to navigate and will handle most if not all audio file types. About the remote app for portable devices, beside providing remote control functions it can also access and play one's libraries while on the go.
I prefer media monkey in large part due to how I like to organize my music libraries on disk. I think MM does the easiest/best job with this, and also makes it easy to re-organize them if I store incorrectly.

I also find MM gives me much better fedback re: WTF it is doing at any given time during the ripping process. JRivers just goes off and does things in the background so you don't know what it's doing or what you can do in case you want to change something.

For purely music playback I have little preference.


some people just feel like victims I guess......

and some people just add snarky comments to threads that add nothing worthwhile I guess

Thanks to those who offered constructive advice. I downloaded Jriver, will report back
I use JRiver and the free Gizmo app on my Android phone. Took me a minute or two to get the port forwarding to work. I did not see the need for spending money on the remote app. Plus Gizmo works well for my needs.

Hopefully you have spent some time assessing it as there is a lot of functionality with it and at times can be somewhat complicated without some research. The other day I was able to rename all my files, organize them in new folders all with one command.  
MediaMonkey is the best for me, grabs everything in your library, easy search functionality and easy to play whatever you are in the mood for.  And can output bit perfect by ASIO.
Never liked the JRiver interface.
Quite surprised Foobar 2000 is not mentioned...It is a bit more difficult to use than JRiver,  but it is free and the sound quality is equal or better to the others.... Once you learn the ins and outs of Foobar 2000, it is a quite effective library organizer and player.
By the way,  I have used JRiver and Media Monkey and prefer Foobar... I have also heard of Music Bee,  but have never tried it. Also,  the is mention of Fidelizer and JPlay above,  these are both systems to optimize your playback. I have used them both within Foobar without issue. 
I was unable to procure a crossover with the delay I needed to time align my speakers so I went back to Pure Music on a Mac mini. Sounds great