Suggestions for used reciever and player?

I was in the hobby untill 2007. My old system was a mcintosh b&w set up. I wanted to take a step back into the hobby again and was hoping to get a few suggestions.

I am looking for a used reciever and dvd player for under 1000.00. Unfortunatelly I will not be able to obtain what I had with this set up but it will be a step towards it.

In your opinion what recievers/dvd player at this price point will have a very warm, musical, liquid, very detailed sound? I had the marantz 9600 with the 5 channel upgrade and loved it.

Any help is greatlly appreciated.
I can't help with the DVD, but I picked up a marantz receiver off a seller here used for $400 sr-5004 I believe and it was vastly better than the price would reflect and gave me everything I needed (HDMI inputs 7.1 etc.) including good dac performance for my old Sony es DVD I am using as a cd source. It was bought as a stop gap, but it is a keeper. While I don't use the internal amp (I have tube amps) I did try it in bridged two channel and it performed well. I also hear good things about the top of the line marantz which retails for $1500 which would indicate that you could get last year's model for less (even though msrp was higher than $1500 last year).
there are some internet companies that sell really good budget gear as demos. nothing esoteric but denon, marantz and many others work fine in this price range. and you get a warranty.