suggestions for used class A integrated under $2k

Hi all...

i'm looking to change things up a bit. I figured I'd gain more value by going with a class A integrated (w/remote!) than with componants.
I like to keep it simple.

Looking for suggestions? I can't demo anything in my area as all there is for moderate hi-fi is B&K and Rotel dealers, and they mostly focus on multi-channel stuff. I'm only looking for two channels. Two *really nice* channels.
My goal is to spend as little as possible..but stay under $2k for sure. $1500 would be my ideal target price.

Im thinking Plinius 8200mkII or Krell kav 300i as they seem to come up in my price range.
Also curious as to the Jolida integrated.

Tube or SS, no matter. I've only heard SS so i'm in for experimenting!
I'm coming from a nice tube pre and McCormack DNA-1.

I listen to mostly live rock/fusion recordings, but also all the classic jazz, country, chamber music and everything in between. I like big soundstage, pinpoint imaging and plenty of punch. I'll be driving a pair of Von Schweikert VR2's in a nearfield setting in pretty big room.

thank you for your suggestions.
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I helped a two freinds a year or so ago with the same ideas and price range. One with the Krell 300i and the other with the Plinius 8200 mk2.Both freinds are happy but I must say that i prefer the Plinius over the Krell. The Krell will call more attention to itself,but the Plinius will get you over the long haul. I vote for the Plinius.Just seems to be more polished and a more balanced sound to my ears.
Good luck in your tough choice.
If you can swing it, I would highly recommend the new Krell 400xi for $2,500. Quite differrent from the older Krells......
hmm...only a grand over budget.
can't go there. im sure there are tonz of awesome products...out of my price range.
still, thanks for the suggestion.
400xi or 300il. I love Krell.
I often wonder what comprimises you must make to have an integrated at any price level vs. seperates.
I think you can find comprimises on either side of the fence w/this debate.

the big one that I see is you are "trapped" in a system you cant tweak outside of cables. Where as, you can always get new pres, or a new amp when you go with seperates.

Overall, I think you can get higher caliber equipment for less money with an integrated...but that is just my completely uneducated opinion pulled from the deep reaches of my arse.

For me, its all about two things.
less cables and the biggie, REMOTE!!
Plinius. A friend had one, a great performer, especially for the price.
Since everyone is pushing SS, I'll give you some tube suggestions: I'd look at the Audiomat Arpege if your speakers are efficient enough to handle tubes (90db+ - I'm pretty sure those VR2's are efficient aren't they?). Also the Pathos got an all-out, no-holds-barred highest reccomendation from Stereophile recently if that kind of recommendation floats your boat. Certainly may be worth listening too. Jolida's 502B would save you some $ and be a very satisfying choice IMO. As you can guess, I prefer tubes over SS. I would strongly suggest you go out and listen to some well put-together systems using both technologies before making any decisions simply based upon reccommendations of others, and by all means audition both in your own system. The "plenty of punch" part may lead me to say SS, but your musical preferences would speak to tubes big time IMO. Go listen to both. Push/pull tube amps should give you the punch you're after with those listening preferences. The differences in the sound of an SS and a tube system, given both are thoughfully assembled, are worth hearing with your own ears to form your own opinion.....they are quite different. If you are used to a good tube sound, the SS may offer a bit of contrast. Whether you like it or not is up to you.

Some more suggestions:

- Unison Research Unico
- BV Audio A300 (I -think- that's the right model, do a search on them/it)
- The NEWER Pathos Classic One as mentioned by Marco (closer to $2k, maybe you can swing a deal; don't go for the older one, though)
- Audio Analogue Puccini SE (only 50wpc, but they are very musical watts)

You may be asking too much for a $1500 budget, but I think many or any of the above, along with the Plinius recommendation, is good.
I just got a Myryad integrated (the MI-120, 60 watts per channel) for a friend and it is incredibly dynamic and smooth sounding, esp. for the $500 she paid. The MI-240 is 120 watts and can be found for around $1200. Some dealers are running fire sales on their Myryad gear, check around to see if there are any MI-240's left for sale. I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the sound of these integrateds. The MI-120 is every bit as dynamic and full as another friend's Krell integrated (not sure which model; it retailed for $2500 about 5 yrs ago).
Wont go wrong with either, just dont go for the 300i.
The newer Krells are wonderful, smooth too.
If anyone were to tell you the Krells are bright, email me please. Either they got a wrong match or poorly set up system somewhere. Wonderful sounding amplifier for sure, The 400xi has a bigger transformer so.....if you want the best of that family go the new version.

Look at my other threads on the best integrated, I tried many and shopped around for a year and bought the Krell 300il, even over the Jeff Rowland Concentra, althought the build quality is superb in the Krell 300il the Concentras built was a notch above like you wont get any better I mean . Thats it! I prefered the slam of the Krell, I even had the 300i and it was good, very solid state sound but the 300il is just totally different. Very very nice and will drive anything.